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Let’s face it: for a date with a Romanian escort you really do not have to visit Bucharest (Bucuresti in Romanian language). Regardless the European country and no matter it is in escort business, window prostitution, brothels, FKK clubs and other erotic clubs, and even the street hookers scene: Romanian girls are all over the place. And also in the European porn industry the numbers of Romanian actresses are pretty impressive. Somehow the reputation of Romanian girls working as escort or in clubs is not that great. They have the reputation of being quite brutal and pushy towards customers. In the famous (German inspired) FFK clubs girls with such behaviour are labelled as “sharks”. Also often they are associated with being unreliable or even scam artists. To my opinion these qualifications are too black and white. Part of the explanation is, that there is just a huge potential of working girls from Romania. So the chances of coming across women with bad intentions are obviously increasingly higher.

Another reason is that often and very unfortunately Romanian escorts and other sex workers are tricked into the business by human trafficking networks and controlled by mafia. Traditionally these networks are very strong in countries such as Romania and Bulgaria. So it is not only or always the girls to blame and maybe we should give the girls a bit more credibility. Without any doubts in Bucharest and also outside of Romania you can come across trustworthy Romanian girls who provide escort or other erotic services of great quality. And above no one will deny there are many attractive creatures amongst Romanian girls. With their darker tones and more Latin features they are a nice blend of Mediterranean and Slavic beauty.

When you bear in mind how many Romanian women are working in the European sex industry, you would think the last Romanian sex worker has switched off the (red) lights and has left the country already long time ago. But you couldn’t be more wrong. It is true that working as escort in Bucharest or offering other erotic services in return for payment is illegal since the government considers it harmful and disrespectful towards women. But having said that it doesn’t stop the city from being in top 5 Eastern European capitals in terms of the number of bordellos per square kilometre. Working girls in Bucharest are crafty and not always in a good way. As everywhere there is the trend to steal and publish photos of others but in Bucharest it is maybe worse. Also in Bucharest Tineye, Google Images or any other reverse image search engine could be your best friend since they can enable you to detect and recognize fake photos. Asking for a selfie in Whatsapp would not harm either. Cheating by not showing your real images is one thing. But some will go even much beyond and will do really their best to rip off clients. So when looking for fun in Bucuresti: never mess around. If anything feels wrong, just tell them to bugger off or you’re calling the cops.

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There is a staggering online offer of escorts in Bucharest but checking profile photos for their veracity is a wise thing to do

When browsing the Internet for escorts in Bucharest providing outcall or even incall meetings, try first sites that have reviews and verified profiles of the escorts. Romanian escort directories such as the national ones Private Romania ( and Escorts Romania ( or the local oriented Bucharest Escorts ( offer such extra features. Personally in Bucharest I would always opt for booking an independent or agency lady to my place and not visit some flat in some remote outskirt area of Bucharest, especially late at nights. Not only it can be nightmare to find such venue; also you never know what and whom to expect. Of course this could be different and you could give it a shot when a lady has received several genuine positive reviews on a forum site and her incall place is considered to be safe and discrete location. Call girls in Bucharest can be bit on the expensive side, at least to Eastern European standards. An outcall meeting of 1 hour with a good-looking damă de companie (as an escort is called in local language) could easily cost you around €150. Especially the English speaking exclusive escort companions in Bucharest who often run their own sites will often charge these rates.

In Bucharest there are also women who hook up with foreigners through local dating sites such as Sentimente ( and Dating Online ( These women could be everything and everyone: escorts using it as an extra promotion platform, student girls who like to hook up with foreigners, married women looking for a sex date and gold diggers who do not see themselves as prostitutes since they do not ask money but expect only very expensive presents. It is weird to see these (old fashioned) sites still exist in our modern times of Facebook, Instagram and Tinder but apparently there is still a market for such dating sites in Romania.

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Better avoid illegal brothels in Bucharest at all costs

Brothels in Bucharest are a waste of time; not only hard to find and illegal but even dangerous. You could ask around and probably find some, but they’re usually part of underworld prostitution rings. There aren’t any official red light districts in Bucharest but there’s Mătăsari, brimming with life during the night but also with cheap old streetwalkers, thieves and gypsies. Just be careful there, it’s not the safest place. If you ever get approach by a gypsy grandma trying to push her fortune-telling bullshit better move away because she might be trying to rob you. The old town might be a better choice, it’s also crowded but safe with lots of sex shops and massage studios. Some working girls also roam areas surrounding hotels fishing for lonely foreigners. If you are despite all the challenges and risks are still up for it: sex with a girl from the streets shouldn’t cost you more than €30.

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