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Minsk striptease and erotic night clubs

Striptease clubs in Minsk are often attached to hotels, alongside casinos and restaurants. As you can imagine in Belarus that includes hotels that belong to the local oligarchs. Casino Belaya Vezha ( at Prospekt Masherova 17 is one of the favorite gambling spots in town, which hosts events with nude, dancing babes.

Blonde stripper in Minsk striptease club

In Minsk many strip clubs are affiliated with hotels

Hotel Minsk ( at Nezavisimosti 11, also has a decent striptease club. Yubileiny ( at Pobediteley 19, has Tekhas (Texas) club next to it, where girls are supposedly open to checking out your room after they’re done with the show.

You do not have to put your bets too much on striptease joints anyway in Minsk, taking into account the exciting and exotic local club scene. Some people nickname Belarus “the supermodel breeding grounds” and consider all those beauties in mini-skirts and high-heels as much of a feature as the Soviet architecture. Meeting those cute locals isn’t as hard as you think, Minsk nightlife is vibrant, people work hard and party hard till early morning hours. The most popular bars and nightclubs are located around the city center, as usual. Graffiti Bar & Club ( is a bit further outside that circle, at zavulak Kalinina 16, but it’s one of the best spots to meet the locals, it’s where everyone goes when they’re tired of tourists.

Girls sipping cocktails in Minsk nigh club

Clubs in Minsk are good pick-up places for local girls and freelance escorts

Karaoke is taking Minsk over by storm, it’s a great way to goof around and have some fun. Bars with that kind of entertainment are popping out around every corner: Corset Karaoke ( at Storozhevskaya 15A is one of many examples.

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