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Prostitution in Antwerp is absolutely legal (apart from the streetwalkers), exactly like in the rest of this lovely country. But just because something is legal doesn’t mean you should approach it carelessly. Either you will visit an escort or go for the window ladies; do yourself a favor and do some research and read a few reviews before making a call to an escort or jumping straight at the first red light window girl you come across. The number of independent escorts and agency girls is obviously lower than in Brussels. The informal EU-capital remains a magnet to (touring) escorts because of the big pool of wealthy business travellers, expats and other potential customers.

Amongst Antwerp escorts all continents of the world are represented

Nevertheless, also Antwerp has become more cosmopolitan and has its fair amount of local and international sex workers, operating from hotels or private apartments.

When browsing the Belgian escort directories such as Divine-Girls (, ( and Redlights ( you will stumble upon many girls in their 20s, including students and millenials from Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. Sultry ladies from African countries like the former Belgian colony Congo (former Zaire) are well represented too. And the same goes for curvy babes from Brazil and other Latinas. Many of them will work for a call girls agency, while others are really independent and do their own thing with custom websites. These upper class working girls offer not only sexual services, but also genuine company for business events and red carpet parties. They usually charge upwards from €200 per hour for incall and even €250 for outcall service. When visiting your place you are also often expected to compensate the girl for the taxi fee. An independent escort operating from Antwerp is Esmée Rose (, a spectacular looking elite companion who offers only outcall service.

The red light district in Antwerp which goes under the name Schipperskwartier (Sailors District) belongs to the best known and most popular window prostitution zones in Europe. Although the size of the area has shrunk over the years it is still worth the visit, at least if red window girls are your thing. You can also get yourself a good alibi for entering the “forbidden fruit” zone because Café d'Anvers ( is located right in the middle on Verversrui 15. This club is an Antwerp nightlife icon for already a few decades. It’s especially worthwhile visiting when you are into all kinds of house. Beware that it only works at weekend though so your alibi will not work out during working week days. I read in Flemish newspaper that the owner of Café d'Anvers has lodged a formal request with the local authorities to transfer part of the club into a brothel. So note that this remarkable new initiative could also spoil your alibi, but probably it will take some years before the plans would come into effect.

Schipperskwartier in Antwerp: not as big anymore as it used to be

When I was studying and living in Antwerp the Schipperskwartier was an area we cruised often at weekends when friend were over. We never went inside because we were young and shy. And besides that: we were students and had no money anyway so “chicks for free” was our credo. Despite this all I still remember what a tantalizing effect the girls had on me and my friends. What we found really exciting was having a seat at one of those dodgy bars and wait until a working lady would approach and try to seduce us. There were really attractive creatures behind the red windows: Eastern European ladies of course but also quite a bunch of cute Asian and African girls who really knew how to flirt with the boys and men passing their windows. The Schipperskwartier of nowadays is spread around the port area, namely these three streets: Verversrui, Vingerlingstraat, and Schippersstraat where prostitution is regulated by the government. Villa Tinto is the main point of interest in the sex scene in this part of town, sporting a stunning number of 51 windows with half-naked women in one building. A quickie will cost you around €50.

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