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Escorts treat Cannes as the Promised Land, especially during the Film Festival. Then it gets so wild that some escorts in Cannes earn up to €40k a night! They’re like Kurt Russel in Point Break looking for that one perfect wave to surf. For escorts in Cannes that wave lasts for two weeks. It’s the El Dorado of sex business. Let’s not kid ourselves, exclusive Cannes escorts aim for the yacht owners. Those guys are mostly of Arabic descent and hand out rolls of €10k like candy. Don’t be surprised if one of the “yacht girls” turns out to be a B- or C movie starlet. France decided that buying sex is a crime punishable by a €1500 fee. Selling is just fine and no one will bother you on your yacht. You don’t own a yacht? Tough luck. You’ll have to limit yourself to hotel rooms and nightclubs.

Cannes escort sunbathing on deck of luxurious yacht

Multi-million dollar yachts are the natural habitat of high class escorts in Cannes

The local mongering scene explodes with the arrival of touring escorts in Cannes during the Festival. There’s still action during the off seasons, but nothing comes even close to those weeks. Celebrities will obviously hire that sort of company outside of the usual means of communication. Us, regular people, have escort directories such as Escort Zone ( and Escorte ( to browse through. Lovesita ( is also a massive resource when it comes to escorts in Cannes. Check Club Ill Repute ( and feast your eyes on some of the top touring escorts that visit Cannes in season. Agencies aren’t a thing in this city, but you can find some independent escorts with own websites such as Mia (

Many freelance and independent escorts will use their Twitter and Instagram accounts to announce upcoming trips and plan dates with customers. Instagram is packed with young girls travelling back and forward to Dubai, Shanghai, Monaco and Cannes and posting glamorous shots in 5 star hotel lobies and sexy selfies at swimming pools. Often these Instagram girls call themselves “(fashion) model”, “vlogger” or even “traveller” by profession. But don’t get fooled by these innocent labels: the chances are high such a lady works as a high-class escort companion, at least on the side. I don’t want to sound cynical but where else would a young girl get the money for travelling around the globe anyway? Especially stunning girls with top-model appearances from Russia, Ukraine and Latin countries are well represented amongst the call girls visiting Cannes and other cities at the French Riviera during city tours. A regular escort in Cannes will charge at least €200 per hour. And that is a bargain actually. I already mentioned how ridiculous it gets when you’re looking for super-model level company. Hit Bâoli ( on the Boulevard if that’s your kind of crowd.

The Promenade is where it’s all at. You can expect 10/10 freelance escorts in bars and restaurants along the Croisette. Hotel lobbies are also quite popular among the girls. Staff employees say they sometimes see over 200 girls come and go daily. Streetwalkers also frequent alleyways behind major hotels like the Carlton. There are no official brothels in Cannes. I can somehow imagine wild invitational orgies happening in the villas outside of town. After all, this is the “sister city” of Beverly Hills.

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