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I was surprised when I heard that prostitution is seen in a very negative light here, especially since in neighboring Russia people have a rather open-minded view on it is so nearby. But escorts in Tbilisi aren’t an elite kind of a side-job like in Russia and other countries. I expected Georgia to be more open-minded, but the majority of its citizens are very conservative. There’s this stigma involved and no one ever helps these women. But work is scarce and wages are laughable when compared to the costs of living. Sometimes people have no other choice than working as an escort in Tbilisi and they get spat upon here. Even health care and social service workers look down on these poor things. It’s really sad. Locals in the capital and the Black Sea resorts complain about working girls and their clients. Prostitution is at its worst where it’s illegal, like in Georgia. It’s everywhere: on the streets, shady brothels, clubs, bars, random hotel lobbies. Although the escort scene in Tbilisi is huge it is mediocre in quality, to say the least. Women are abused, trafficked, beaten and disease-ridden. Reports say that 70% of sex workers carry HIV in some parts of the country! I don’t even want to start about child prostitution. Tbilisi is a huge dump when it comes to mongering and finding quality company under a fair and respectable deal for both sides is a pain in the ass.

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The upscale escort experience is not always easy to find in Tbilisi

Luckily there also seem to be some exceptions to the general rule. Touring escorts from a site like Vodca Escort ( could be a decent choice for example. Those girls, often of Russian or Asian origin, don’t stay in one place long enough to get influenced by it. Next stop? Escort directories. Look no further than Escort Hub ( It’s mostly local girls, but the choice is pretty big so you might something special. Batumi Escorts ( doesn’t look bad either, even though some escorts overlap with the other sites. Another friendly advice is to don’t touch any escort site with a .ru domain since 99% of those tend to be scams.

If you’re looking for talent on the streets of Tbilisi then you’re most likely adding to someone’s misery. If you’re fine with that - which I do not hope and anticipate - then go check out the park next to the Gamsakhurdia Street. The train station is also a sure hit. You might have some luck around the Saburtalo district and upscale freelancers in Tbilisi’s clubs and hotel lobbies. Rumor has it that joints ran by the Turks are usually involved in sex business in one way or another. The girls are mostly good-looking Russians and Asians. Full service shouldn’t cost you more than €120 per hour, that’s with an upper-class kind of an escort.

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