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Shanghai striptease and erotic clubs

Striptease clubs in Shanghai… don’t exist. It’s like this in both China and Japan, they might not have regular strip clubs but they have KTV and hostess bars instead.

You will not come across any real striptease club in Shanghai

KTV are karaoke bars, you can buy some drink and snacks and have a good time. The ones located around the red light districts add extras to that. You can pay a girl to keep you company, pour you drinks, maybe give you a blowjob. It’s like VIP rooms in European striptease clubs. Goldtime KTV has gained a bit of notoriety because of a recording of what happens inside. Truth be told, most KTVs are like that, walk around the Nanjing road and see for yourself.

Hostess clubs and KTV bars in Shanghai: without striptease shows but with beautiful girls for companionship

Hostess bars are similar but more of an open space bar than closed off backrooms. Girls still sit next to you, sometimes dance around, get you drunk and ask you to buy them drinks. It’s basically a ploy for clients to stay longer and spend more money. So hostess clubs are pretty much the same thing as our striptease clubs, just without the stripping and the pole-dancing.

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