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The Hague (Den Haag in Dutch) is a very desirable market for escorts. Not only because of the most liberal prostitution laws in the EU. Escorts in Den Haag have access to one of the most sought-after clients in the world. Even newbie escorts know that international businessmen and lawyers have the deepest pockets. Amsterdam might have spearheaded legal prostitution in modern Europe, but The Hague is not far behind. Various organizations support both active and retired prostitutes, which is a sign how professional the business has become in the Netherlands. They care about their mental and physical health, and provide even assistance with getting out of the business. I can only empathize with how difficult it can be for some girls to retire. Especially when it’s the only job they have done so far and the money is so tempty. And not forget to mention the ladies who have serious debts and/or are controlled by some middlemen. For them it can be really a struggle to step out the scene. In The Hague many girls work in brothels such as private houses and other erotic night clubs, and the iconic window prostitution. There are several red lights districts, but The Hague is considering centralizing everything in one spot. They say that the current ones are deteriorating and it’s mainly for safety reasons. Binckhorst is the new development area where the new erotic centre will rise. It’s probably still years away from happening.

Escort in The Hague slowly undressing for client

The presence of diplomats and international businessmen led to a flourishing escorts scene in The Hague

Many sex workers choose to work as online escort. After all, not every lady is extravagant enough to put her body up for window-shopping. But more important: it is the most optimal way to stay independent and bypass some of the legalities. Many girls work from private apartments or hotel rooms they are renting. Officially this not allowed since you may only offer sexual services from establishments, especially designed and licensed for that. And when you have official permission for escort work you are also allowed to visit clients at home or in their hotel. Nevertheless these illegal incall meetings are common practice in the Netherlands. The law enforcement authorities usually tolerate it, unless they have clear indications of minors being involved or other abusive practices. It’s all a matter of priorities and in those exceptional situations they might raid a hotel or other illegal working place. If you as a client would be caught at such rare occasion you could anticipate a warning or even a fine. Hotels can put girls on a blacklist after finding out but also here many look into the other direction because they do not want to lose the business. The worst thing that can happen to foreign girls, who are dominating the scene after all, is that they will lose their visa and can no longer travel to the Netherlands and other countries of the Schengen area.

Girls not only work from private residences in big cities such as Den Haag, Rotterdam and Amsterdam but also in smaller neighbouring towns where it’s much cheaper to rent a flat or apartment. In the region of The Hague the cities Voorburg, Leidschendam, Zoetermeer and Delft are particularly popular for this kind of business. These towns are all relatively easy to reach by public transport in case you would need to travel from The Hague. All you need is an OV-chipkaart (public transport chip card), which is compulsory for travelling by train, metro, tram and bus in the Netherlands. Just be sure you have loaded it with sufficient credits. For the promotion almost all independent girls and escort agencies use (, a national classifieds site, which is the absolute market leader when it comes to online promotion of escorting and other sex services in the Netherlands. Hookers ( is linked to it. It’s an immensely popular message board and forum where clients share their experiences with escorts and other sex workers and upload reviews. In order to meet privacy protection requirements the site owners were forced to shut down the review and forum part. But there is no doubt that new and alternative sites will pop up soon. Another but smaller nation-wide platform publishing ads of escorts and other sex workers in the Netherlands is ( Check out Tiffany ( if you’re looking for an upscale escort experience in Hague. Prices differ a lot, but €150 per hour is a very common price for 1 hour incall service. For outcall service escorts usually charge at least €200 per hour, often topped up with a travel fee.

When you would like to give it a try with agencies be sure to book your escort from reliable sources. Dreams and Desires (, Society Service (, and Royal Exclusives ( look reputable at first sight. Please note that many agencies use so called mirror sites. All these sites have a different name, look and feel but in fact the same agency is behind all those. Escorts Den Haag ( seems to be an example of this type of agency. Nothing against this practice but it is good to be aware of and personally I would always prefer clear-cut communication and transparency. The Netherlands is a tiny country; most agencies are based in Amsterdam and drive the girls to the clients. The Hague is 75km away so it will take about an hour until the lady of your choice will knock on your door.

The Hague window prostitution girl

Despite the pretty window girls the atmosphere in The Hague's red-light zones is a bit depressive

There are two red light districts in Den Haag: Geleenstraat/Hunsestraat and Doubletstraat. The first one seems touristier, but it’s usually the locals who browse the wares there. The second one is also mostly for locals, but it’s really dodgy. None of those is a colourful party area with groups of drunken kids like you can find in Amsterdam. On the contrary: the atmosphere is a bit depressing and the excited vibe you can often feel in red light districts is lacking. My best guess is that it’s because there’s nothing else there. There are literally 150+ windows with hookers and one restaurant. Either way, the girls are pretty hot. The vast majority comes from Central and Eastern Europe, but you can also come across Latin, Asian and African sex workers. They usually charge €50 a pop, more if you want to get kinky. Streetwalkers are a rare sight in The Hague. You can find some around the train station, but they’re usually drugged out transvestites. I’m not even exaggerating.

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