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The escort scene in Limassol is a complicated one. Depending on how you look at it, it might be heaven or hell for sex workers. On one side it’s a beautiful island with beaches, resorts, and great nightlife. Perfect for touring escorts in Limassol to earn a small fortune during the season. The other side is Cyprus being an island with a specific location and outline. Cities are few and far in between. Small villages are spread around, connected by a labyrinth of roads. All that makes it a perfect environment to traffic and hold people against their will. You’ll see girls from neighbouring countries, refugees, but also a ton of girls from Eastern Europe. Prostitution here is officially “not illegal”. That is a very annoying way to put it. You can’t run a brothel, you can’t solicit, you can’t live of prostitution, etc. The way I see is that you can practice the trade if you keep the cops’ pockets filled. Enough with all the negativity. Is it a good city to have fun? Absolutely, it can be amazing. Many (foreign) girls work as escorts, some walk the streets and others are employed by cabaret clubs, undercover brothels, and massage parlours.

Russian escort in Limasol posing sexy

Escorts with Slavic appearances are a very common sight on Cyprus

Independent escorts in Limassol operate mostly from rented apartments. Directories and agencies are filled to the brim with gorgeous escorts. Many girls are of Russian and Ukrainian origin but Cyprus is also a hub for working girls from the Middle East thanks to its location. Classifieds are also a good source. Sexan (, Cyprus Escorting ( and Find Sex in Cyprus ( are popular online catalogues filled with local sex workers. VIP Cyprus Escorts ( is one of the rare agencies on Cyprus. Bazaraki ( is your best bet when it comes to escorts and massage in Limassol. Resident girls sometimes have their own websites like Eleana ( Prices are all over the place but expect around €200 for an hour.

Two girls having fun at Limassol beach club

Limassol's bars, night clubs and beach clubs are the favourite hunting grounds of local working girls

Entire Limassol becomes a red light district after dark. Every nightclub is an opportunity. You can find some streetwalkers outside of the city. Yermasoyia is a popular area, but working girls will stand alongside main roads all over the island. The real action, however, takes place in nightclubs and even restaurants. Everyone is in on it. Even waiters will straight up ask if you’re looking for company. Some girls will approach you directly, give you the price, number and arrange a meet-up later. As for the brothels…there’s nothing official. There are some sneaky private apartments you must ask around for. Other ones allegedly operate in the backrooms of popular clubs. The point is: you don’t need to look hard to get busy in Limassol. The only thing you need is at least €200 in your wallet. Downside of all the wealthy tourists and pleasure seekers on the isle is that girls can afford to put a high price tag.

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