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Escort business in Gdańsk is steadily growing. It’s not booming, it’s growing at a pace of an oak tree. Poland is still a very conservative country. People find it hard to believe that a woman would willingly work as an escort in Gdańsk. Almost as hard to believe that a woman can make more money than a man. Providing escort services in Gdańsk is…problematic. You can smell the bullshit when the official documents say “prostitution is NOT illegal”. That means everyone knows it’s out there, but they choose to ignore it. Prostitution is not regulated so girls don’t pay taxes etc.

Gdansk escort in fishnet stockings

Most escorts active in Gdansk use Polish escort directories to promote their business

Directories are the popular way of booking escorts in Gdańsk. There are two national directories that practically own the Polish escort market: Odloty ( and Roksa ( Both are legit, tried and trusted. They have photos, phone numbers, and prices, all you’ll ever need. Anonsik ( is a similar site, sort of a cross between a directory and a classifieds service. There are escort agencies in Gdańsk. Some strictly local like Gdansk VIP Escorts ( Some have a stable of touring escorts, such as Masquerade Escorts ( It’s all local women, for the most part. You might come across a few Ukrainian and Belarussian ones as well. Average prices went up lately to meet the European standards. Expect to pay upwards from €150 for an hour with a good-looking escort in Gdańsk.

Street hooker waiting along the highway near Gdansk

Street prostitution in Gdansk is concentrated around the highways


Everything used to revolve around street prostitution and illegal brothels. Brothels are still around, typically in apartments. You need to know a guy who knows a guy. Street prostitution is more of a highway prostitution. Girls hang outside of cities, along main roads. Often close to forests providing camouflage for a quickie with a truck driver. Those girls are usually Bulgarian victims of sex trafficking. They also have a reputation for a lack of personal hygiene. There are no red-lights districts in Gdańsk and there are no areas with streetwalkers either. Bar prostitution is also non-existent.

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