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Officially escorts in Lviv are doing an illegal job, unofficially prostitution it’s widely spread and tolerated. Most of the action happens online and escort directories are a good place to start. SexLviv ( is one of the more popular directory sites, they include pictures, phone numbers and short descriptions of all the working girls that advertise there. Lvov Escorts ( is a call girls agency in Lviv which has contracted prostitutes instead of random independent girls advertising on their website.

Lviv escort on red high heels hiding under the blankets

Ukrainian escorts are renowned for their beauty and in Lviv they charge even decent rates

On some of the sites you will stumble upon photo galleries portraying gorgeous girls in very glamorous settings, which could indicate they are photo models and not escorts. And although such professions can go hand in hand, especially with Ukrainian girls, you need to be on guard. I like it when I can see the face of a girl, which is the case on this and many other sites but often escorts will not do that because they will not like being recognized by family, friends or colleagues. So in those cases I would tend to be even extra cautious, especially in Ukraine.

Most escorts in Lviv that are advertising online look hot. But another attractive feature of them is that they are super cheap, especially when you compare it to the price level of escort girls in Kiev. You can get an hour with a freelance escort girl in Lvov for €30 and even VIP escorts have fees that start at €50-€60.

You won’t find any brothels in Lviv advertising online, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Just ask any taxi driver and he’ll be more than happy to lead you to one, since they get a cut from the local “businessmen” for getting them clients.

Street hooker leaning against the wall in old centre of Lviv

Around Gospitalnaya street in Lviv's centre there are still some street walkers scouting for clientele

There used to be a red lights district in Lviv after WW2 in the Gospitalnaya street. Old habits die hard and it’s still crowded with streetwalkers, offering their services for as little as €15.

The much better looking working girls in Lviv look for their clients in hotel lobbies and popular bars. They approach people being all flirty and playful and then you end up with a €100 receipt. But it can be worth, especially if they are cute young students looking for some easy money to pay the rent at the end of the month.

Lonely Ukrainian girl having a drink in Lviv hotel bar

In Lviv's night clubs, bars and hotel lobbies you can always bump into freelance escorts

According to reports on online forums the Grand Hotel lobby on 13, Svobody Avenue is pretty notorious for being frequented by freelance working girls.

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