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Escorts in Rio and other forms of prostitution are legal, except for operating a brothel or pimping. So the bottom line is there can’t be a third party between the client and the prostitute, simple as that. You could easily call Rio de Janeiro one of the most sensual cities in the world and its massive escorts population is just one side of it. The Brazilian people are famous for their liberal attitude towards sex and you can feel erotic vibes all over the place. It was especially prominent during the Olympic games a few years ago when girls went as far as offering happy hours. Sex is written all over Rio de Janeiro, you don’t even have to try to find it. Escorts, some of the best brothels in the world, clubs and top-notch streetwalkers: Rio deserves the title of the “sex capital” of Latin America, thanks to the liberal laws, but also to the quality of the working girls.

Rio de Janeiro escort girl in bikini at Copacabana beach

In Rio de Janeiro you can come across the most beautiful escorts of Latin America

Escorts, or acompanhantes as they call them in Portuguese, are one way to go about it. Especially when you don’t feel like leaving your hotel room, or you’re not familiar with the city. There are escort directories like GPSP ( and Mega Tops Brasil ( but they’re just a huge pain. Escorts in Rio de Janeiro are often stunning and affordable garotas (girls). But most Brazilian escort websites seem to have been coded by pre-schoolers. And given the fact that most sites are exclusively in Portuguese language does not contribute to their online visibility either, especially when you would use only English terms in your Google search. Acompanhantes ( is all right, but still a far cry from escort directories from other parts of the world. Online escort agencies in Rio de Janeiro are slightly better but still nothing exceptional. Try Barra VIP Escort ( and Rio Escort Guide ( Independent escorts in Rio with own websites are the hardest to find but offer some of the best services you can get. Take for instance Sasha (, a Brazilian high-class acompanhante with excellent reviews that praise her GFE skills. And if you like pillow talk of a certain standing; it is good to know she has an academic degree and speaks well English. Escort services rarely cost more than $100 when it comes to local girls.

Rio de Janeiro street prostitute waiting for clients

In Rio even Ipanema and Copacabana are frequented by street walkers

Brothels, despite the illegalities, are immensely popular in Rio de Janeiro. Copacabana and Ipanema are both packed with brothels, but Villa Mimosa is the real deal. It’s shady, gritty and a flat-out dangerous place for tourists. Most of the bars there are a front for sex business, be it independent prostitutes looking for clients or proper brothels. It’s the oldest red light district of Rio de Janeiro but I wouldn’t recommend it. I think it’s a sad sight with women selling themselves for $20 out of necessity. I like how they say that trans and gay prostitutes are banned from Villa Mimosa, I mean…do they check everyone? Some kind of LGBT detectors spread around the streets leading to the district? Ipanema and especially Copacabana are a bit more tourist friendly. Streetwalkers are also pretty common in those two areas so you can even monger on the beach.

Freelance escorts hanging out in Rio night club

Many regular night clubs in Rio de Janeiro attract working girls

For picking up free-lance escorts the legendary disco Help; a beachfront club at the Copacabana, was the place to be. Usually by 11 pm already Discoteca Help was filled to the brim with the fine fleur of Rio’s prostitutes. The name of the place disclosed already a bit what it was about: truly a heaven on earth for male tourists, expats and other foreigners looking for a (pay) date with a sexy Latina. But these days are over already long time. The local authorities were very determined to clean the city from its most sleazy and notorious places and create a better imago before the World Cup and the Summer Olympics would kick in. In 2010 Help! was closed down as part of a huge cleansing operation. But don’t worry: Rio continues to offer plenty of opportunities for hooking up with beautiful ladies with a lot of passion and stamina, be it freebies or professionals. The hottest working girls hang out in upscale bars and clubs. Mab’s at Av. Prado Júnior, 16A is quite a renowned spot. Many of them are students who want to make some extra cash. They’ll follow you to your hotel room for $100 or less. It is also comforting to know they usually manage things themselves and they are not depending on pimps or exploited by other middlemen. The ladies are young and energetic and they definitely know how to throw a party. Good times.

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