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Bulgarian girls are the worldwide staple of prostitution and escorts in Varna are no different. Official numbers state that around 10 000 working girls operate in the country. Many of them set camp at the seaside to work in escort services in Varna when the summer season hits. Many tourists and escorts alike will head to Golden Sands, a major seaside resort town 17 km north of downtown Varna. At least twice as many Bulgarian women are working in the sex business abroad. I somehow feel like those numbers are vastly underestimated. When I was a kid, every prostitute I ever heard of was Bulgarian. All of them were also involved with a criminal organization. Things haven’t changed all that much.

Beautiful dark haired Bulgarian escort in black lingerie on bed in Varna apartment

Finding escorts in Varna is not a big hassle in summer but can be more challenging during winter season when many girls go abroad for work

Pimping and human traffic are still a major source of income for the local mafia. Escort services in Varna are legal, brothels and organized prostitution aren’t. No one cares, the police are corrupt and everything is running rampant. Things are slowly changing, but keep your head straight. Everything outside of online escorts in Varna is risky and dangerous.

Online escort services in Varna are shamefully predictable. Yeah, websites are full of scams and Russian malware. There’s only a handful that is legit. Allow me to provide a few examples where you can book decent escorts in Varna. Callgirls BG (, Kompanionki (, and Samo Sex ( are alright picks if you can read Cyrillic language. The same goes for classifieds on Alo ( Bulgaria Escort ( and Adam I Eva ( are built towards the international audience. That’s it. As for prices, escorts in Varna ask for €100 per hour, but I honestly wouldn’t pay more than €80. Go haggle and watch out for fake profiles.

Bulgarian street prostitute leans against customer's car in Varna

The street prostitution scene in Varna is concentrated around the city's highways

Stables might be empty in winter months when girls would rather work in German brothels and FKK clubs.

You’ll see a lot of old-school “field work” in Varna. There is no red light district, but girls will solicit in parks and near the Lion’s Bridge. Avoid the gypsies. Third-world-like highway prostitution is also popular in Bulgaria. Roads from Burgas to Varna, along the coast, are lined up with girls. They’re cheap and they’ll service you right there in the forest or in your car. You could probably get a BJ for €20. Not my thing, but suit yourself. There are brothels in Varna and their quality is similar to the highways. Ask a taxi driver and he’ll take you to a random place, depending on the commission he gets. They’re getting paid by the pimps to get them clients. Networking at its best.

Bulgarian freelance escort in seductive pose in Varna bar

Varna's bars and clubs offer great opportunities to "score" freelance escorts, but mainly in the summer when the local nightlife is buzzing

Freelance escorts in Varna's bars and clubs can be a good alternative. That is, when they are open. Remember that 95% of the nightlife venues are closed in winter.

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