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Lima is a curious case when it comes to mongering. Where else in the world can you hang out with a tribal beauty from the Amazon? Where else do women choose to work outside of the law when prostitution is fully legal? You can register as a sex worker in Lima as long as you’re over 18 years old. The government provides certain benefits to prostitutes, such as health check-ups. Yet the majority of prostitutas in Lima practice their trade illegally. So why is that? It’s likely because they’re either under aged or victims of human trafficking. Or both. That’s a big issue in Peru and it’s mostly domestic. I mentioned the girls from the jungle on purpose. They’re the main targets of human traffickers looking for easy prey. Sadly, that is happening all over the country because of the recent gold rush. Tiny mining settlements are popping up everywhere and girls as young as 15 are forced to work in ad hoc brothels. It’s the horror.

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Lawmakers in Peru have allowed prostitution under certain conditions, nevertheless many escorts and other companions in Lima do their job without legal status

The minority of legal prostitutes in Lima has a number of “opportunities”. They can work in licensed brothels, online or as freelancers. Some hotel lobbies hold entire portfolios of chicas they can send to your room. As usual online ads are your best bet. And even more important: there is a higher chance you do not contribute to the human trafficking misery when you book your companion there. Check our Placeres Del Peru ( for a directory of spectacular “physical therapists”. Kines Complacientes ( is a similar source of online acompañantes (escorts), but focused mostly around Lima. It’s the same deal with Kinestos (, a massive online escorts directory. You can also browse dozens of ads that appear daily on classifieds such as KittyAds ( and eBackPage ( Prices vary from $50 to thousands of dollars per hour, but negotiations are pretty much part of the deal. Some girls accept Sodexo credits, which I found simultaneously hilarious and hard to believe.

Lima doesn’t have a centralized red-light district. It’s a bit all over the place, but freelancers usually hang out around Miraflores. Most street hookers work without permits and are a bit of a risk. You never know if they’re healthy, or even of an appropriate age. The so-called Pizza Street (Calle San Ramon) is particularly shady. There are records of tourists getting drugged and robbed by suspicious women. Small-scale brothels aren’t any better. There are a handful of legal ones but most operate behind the scenes. Police raids are uncommon but still rather unpleasant. As low as $10 will get you 20 minutes with a girl in a regular brothel, but you might have to ask around to find one.

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