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Prostitution laws in Nicosia are as complicated as you can expect from a city ruled by two governments. Brothels dominate the Turkish Cypriot side, even though they are technically illegal. The Greek Cypriot side is following the usual European approach: “it’s not illegal, but brothels and pimping are a no-go”, which translates to a monopoly of escort agencies and independent escorts in Nicosia and other towns on Cyprus. Cyprus is typical a destination for escorts who do international tours and city trips. Judging on the girls’ appearances and sultry looks 90% of them are Russian or Ukrainian. Actually, Slavic sex workers and business owners, predominantly from Russia, dominate the entire erotic industry on Cyprus. It seems that just a few escort agencies run the show on Cyprus.

Sunbathing Slavic escort in Nicosia

Nicosia and Cyprus in general are very popular with touring escorts from Russia, Ukraine and other countries in Eastern Europe

Agencies such as Desire Cyprus Escorts (, or Nicosia Escorts ( have websites filled with pictures of stunning women, available for booking at any time of day or night throughout the whole island, including the capital. Some girls on the sites look really too good to be true so reverse image search engines like TinEye ( or Google Images ( could become your best friends here and maybe prevent you from booking a very disappointing meeting. Some of the escorts on Cyprus advertise on multiple sites at the same time to increase their client base, be it international directories or domestic handlers. Escorts in Nicosia can get a bit pricey, around €250 per hour, but this is including a cut for the agency and it can get substantially cheaper if you would book tête a tête.

Prostitute posing in Nicosia bordello

Many brothels in and around Nicosia operate under the radar

Brothels in and around Nicosia are where it gets interesting, but also slightly disturbing. Whorehouses are illegal on Cyprus, but the northern, Turkish side established a whole network of so-called nightclubs, where you can pay for sex. Most clubs aren’t even sneaky about it; managers openly discuss rates and conditions. A few of those establishments are in Nicosia, but most are located outside the city, along the roads or in nearby towns. Sure, you can get laid for €40, but beware. Cyprus is a closed, island community and that allows crime circles to be a bit more daring, so to say. Those brothel and club managers are known to be utter assholes, and also the girls aren’t known for their customer-friendly attitude. Scamming tourists is as common as aggressive behaviour.

Keep in mind that one of those girls being rented out by some guy for €40 just might be a victim of human traffic. There have been numerous reports of women from Eastern Europe being forced to sell their bodies in such illegal bordellos. And we do not want to contribute to such miserable practices in return for saving some bucks, do we? I’ve personally seen some job offers saying: “we’re looking for young girls to work as bartenders and hostesses at popular Cyprus nightclubs” and it gives me goose bumps. They usually have rooms on site, but there is also an outcall option.

Street hooker on sexy red high heels in Nicosia

Street prostitutes in Nicosia are usually good looking and a safe alternative for visiting shady nightclubs

I don’t say this often but street prostitution might offer better opportunities. You can have a chat with the streetwalker instead of dealing with her handler, and it often equals to a much better experience. And most important: girls you will encounter on the streets are often of a similar quality to those at the clubs, so it seems you’re not missing out on anything. Lidras and Pigmalion street are where they mostly prowl, looking for clients.

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