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Glasgow striptease and erotic clubs

Striptease clubs in Glasgow remind me of the US. I mean the attitude towards such places. No one thinks they’re in a brothel. People take a seat at a wide wooden bar, have a few drinks and chat. The strippers are a nice addition, but it’s more of a symbiotic relationship than a main event. Classy places.

Blonde stripper stretching around the pole in a Glasgow striptease club

Many strip clubs in Glasgow are similar to those in the US and offer honest and straightforward erotic entertainment

I would say that strip clubs in Glasgow are a refuge for men in their 30s, who can’t deal with kids in normal clubs. Diamond Dolls (, a well-known chain has a club in Glasgow on 39 Mitchell St. Platinum Lace ( at 24 Drury St is one I really like: a true upscale, no-bullshit striptease club.

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