Erotic masseuses & salons from Antwerp

Antwerp erotic massage

There is no huge backstory and no legal ambiguity when it comes to erotic massage services in Belgium. In Antwerp (Antwerpen) most sensual massage salons are situated around the city centre. You’ve got tried and trusted franchises like TantraHome ( at Londenstraat and Massage Wereld ( located at Londenstraat 7.

Girl massaging back of customer in Antwerp massage studio

In Antwerp many erotic massage salons are concentrated in the city centre

There is also Men’s World (, located on Bossaersstraat 15 in Brasschaat, an outskirt of Antwerp. It isn’t just a regular massage salon offering your everyday classic or erotic massage. Men’s World is a real gem and one of a kind establishment. It’s a night and strip club, restaurant and massage parlour, all in one spot, which allows Men’s World to live up to its name. Prices between €90 and €500 mean that everyone will find something to fit their budget. There are also private studios offering massage and other services from cosy and intimate apartments, usually situated around the port area.


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