Cancún city guide

Cancún, the promised land of American youth. The spring breakers central of bad decisions. The main reason your parents don't want to let you go alone, or with friends. Chances are you were conceived in Cancún following an over the top beach party and a handful of molly pills. This place is basically what Egypt was to Europeans a few years ago. It's close, cheap, beautiful and fun. In addition to that, Cancún is also really warm and located in the Caribbean. It's party central, first and foremost and it plays that role very well. When I say Cancún I mean the resort area. The actual city is, more or less, just for the locals who usually work at the hotels. It's great if you want to visit the local markets or try authentic food. Tourists usually just stick to the resorts. They're a separ...

Mexico city guide

The fabled Mexico, where the American youth invades in thousands, lured in by cheap thrills and even cheaper tequila. At the same time, the countries own citizens wish they could swap places with them while risking their lives trying to cross the border. Mexico City might be the financial and cultural powerhouse, but the remainder of Latin America is quite poor. Nevertheless, the city itself is quite the sight, built in the 16th century by the conquistadors upon a foundation of a slaughtered nation. Zócalo is the main square in the capital; it is also where the temples of Tenochtitlan once towered over an island in the middle of a shallow lake. Those unsteady grounds are the reason why so many old buildings in Mexico City are slanted, not unlike the Pisa Tower. Remains of a recently disco...
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