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Hong Kong striptease and erotic clubs

The Hong Kong striptease club scene used to be legendary. Clubs like Volvo and Club Paris were the promised land of the Chinese rich and famous, but those days are long gone.

Two sexy dancers in Hong Kong striptease club

The Hong Kong striptease club scene has lost a lot of its glory

Times changed and those Chinese-millionaire-regulars moved their businesses to South China. Without the demand for exclusive striptease clubs, the scene had to downgrade. Now it’s a mix between Tokyo and Bangkok.

Girls on stage in Hong Kong go-go club

Go-go clubs and hostess clubs form a popular ingredient of erotic nightlife in Hong Kong

You got your Go-Go clubs, where you need to buy overpriced drinks and pay a bar fine to even negotiate sitting down with one of the dancers. Hookers in those are really obnoxious with their “aggressive marketing” and getting scammed is not uncommon. Most of those cesspools are located around Lockhart Road. Word is 90% of clubs in Wan Chai are hostess clubs, like the ones in Japan. Officially, the girls are only supposed to provide non-erotic entertainment, like Japanese geishas. But the reality is that you usually can take a girl back to your hotel room without any hassle.

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