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Offering and consuming escort services in Thessaloniki is legal and the same goes for other sexual oriented business, except for streetwalking. Even brothels are tolerated and regulated by the government. Potential “candidates” need to register and carry health certificates and bordellos undergo regular check-ups. It’s no secret that the economic crisis hit Greece got hit hard. No sector was unaffected and it also had a great impact on the local sex business. Women who used to run flower shops or grocery stores now look for employment in brothels, because there are always people who’d rather pay for sex than buy flowers or bread. Numbers don’t lie: more and more women in Greece turn to prostitution. On top of it the large influx of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East pushed even more women into prostitution. And - as an alarming article in the New York Times ( already indicated - in the meantime prices dropped from €40 to less than €20 for both brothel workers and corner girls. There are stories of drug-addicted streetwalkers that offer unprotected sex for €10 just to infect men with HIV out of spite. Don’t. Have. Unprotected. Sex. With. Random. Streetwalkers.

Blonde escort in Thessalonik posing on bed in private apartment

Escorting is legal business in Thessaloniki and a popular way of extra money after the crisis hit Greece

Much better stick to escorts in Thessaloniki and stay safe and healthy. The better looking and not so desperate sex workers often advertise on online escort directories such as Escort Zone Greece (, Thessaloniki Adult ( or Eros Makedonias ( Although the numbers are incomparable to popular destinations such as Athens, Nicosia and Istanbul there is also an influx of foreign escorts in Thessaloniki who are using the online escort directories to promote their city tours. Many of them originate from Russia and Ukraine, attracted by the pleasant Greek weather, cheap prices of local accommodation and good options to earn some extra cash. Girls plan tours themselves or work for agencies abroad that book the tours for them. If I would be you I would be slightly suspicious towards the very glamorous profiles on those websites since I’m quite sure I’ve seen some photos more often around on the web. So always approach with a healthy dose of scepticism. Getting in touch with a lady directly via Whatsapp can already clarify a lot about whom and what you can expect during a date. Also you can perform a reverse image search to check the veracity of images uploaded to online escort ads and profiles. Search engines such as Yandex and Google or the special reverse image search tool TinEye ( give usually reliable results. Most escorts in Thessaloniki can visit you place or receive on an incall location, be it a hotel room or private apartment in the city centre. Count on at least €100 for an hour, which is a very fair price compared to fees you can encounter in other cities. Usually it will be worth the investment since they are either foreign women who aren’t as desperate as the locals or locals who have upped their escort game to international standards.

Street prostitute in Thessaloniki strolling the streets at night

The appearance and service level of women working on the streets of Thessaloniki varies a lot

There is no official red lights district in Thessaloniki. Streetwalkers hang around the entire town, but they’re split into two camps. You can encounter toothless Bulgarians and Romanians hanging around the Thessaloniki train station, while the upper class of prostitutes occupy the tourist-friendly areas such as the busy Ladadika street. You should never pay more than €20 for either of those. And alternatively you could just go to a brothel, since they’re everywhere. You know a business is booming when there are brothel directories like Bourdela (, unfortunately, most of those websites are in Greek, so you’ll have to translate it via Google.

Prostitute on couch in Thessaloniki brothel

Visiting a bordellos is a popular pastime of men in Thessaloniki and the brothels are spread all over the city

Scouting around Thessaloniki might be easier, any establishment with red, blue, or any unusual lightning is, most likely, a brothel. Bordellos in Thessaloniki have become a part of everyday life. Yuppies go to brothels during their lunch breaks, and kids go to brothels to spend their allowance on a different kind of candy. So local men, both young and old, spend entire days in brothels, which has also a sad side since it exploits the poor economic condition of Greece and the vulnerable position of local women. So if you ever decide to visit one of those whorehouses; please be a gentleman and leave at least a proper tip.

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