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The matter of striptease clubs in Toronto is actually a very interesting one. Toronto prohibited lap dancing at one point. Yup, they banned lap dancing from strip clubs. It’s like banning pistachio flavoured ice cream from your favourite ice cream shop. Who does that? It makes no sense. One legendary striptease club stepped up to the oppression: a real Spartacus fighting for the freedom of lap dancing. The Brass Rail ( at 701 Yonge Street actively fought Toronto’s government in court. They went THAT far to defend lap dancing, it’s mind-blowing. The club is a famous venue for celebrities that visit the city during the Toronto Film Festival. Samuel L. Jackson, Charlize Theron and many others had a wonderful time in the Brass Rail.

Girl performing a lap dance in Toronto striptease club

Lap dancing was no longer tolerated in Toronto strip clubs

Some say that the lap dance ban killed the scene but I tend to disagree. It’s still very much alive in the close off VIP lounges. For Your Eyes Only ( at 563 King St. W. and The Landing Strip ( at 191 Carlingview Dr. are very similar clubs owned by the same company. Bonus points to the Landing Strip for the name play, they’re located right next to the airport.

Canada’s largest city isn’t lacking in the swingers club contingent either. The X Club ( calls itself “ Canada’s hottest lifestyle club”. It is open to couples, single females and pre screened/approved single males (over 25 years of age). The classy club organises a lot of thematic events for the curios and open minded crowds and even if you would stick to the dance floor only you can have a great night out. X club is located on 1625 Sismet Road (Dixie/Matheson) in Mississauga, a big city next to Toronto.

Couple in outdoor whirlpool of Toronto swinger club

Adult lifestyle or swinger clubs with outdoor swimming pool and spa facilities: Toronto has it all

Oasis Aqualounge ( is a water themed adult club in downtown Toronto. The private members club received great reviews and a lot of media coverage. It is praised as being a very woman-friendly sex club, which is always a plus in my book. Oasis Aqualounge is situated in a stylish restored 19th century mansion on 231 Mutual St. With its sauna, an outdoor heated swimming pool, and several play areas spread over 4 floors it provides excellent spa and other relaxing opportunities.

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