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Escorts in Brașov would be more popular… if only the city wasn’t such an obscure travel destination. Prostitution isn’t criminalized, so it technically could be a good business. It’s just not that kind of a city. There is action here, but escorts in Brașov are not something you’d specifically travel here for. It’s the other way around, Romanian girls travel west to work in sex business. Willingly or not. Human traffic is a huge issue in Romania. Statistics from early 2000s say that the majority of sex workers in EU came from this country. Porn industry also “appreciates” local women. While online escorts in Brașov might be few, they’re of satisfactory quality. Open field prostitution like streetwalking and brothels is where it gets stereotypically Eastern European.  

The number of independent escorts in Brasov is suprisingly high for a rather small city

Most escorts in Brașov will be local girls. I wouldn’t count any foreign girls touring here, outside of maybe winter season. I suppose agencies wouldn’t mind shipping you an escort from Bucharest, but it is a bit a long drive. It would probably involve more of a weekend-long kind of booking. Escorts in Brașov usually advertise on directories such as Romanian Escorts (, Escorts Romania ( and Lux Escorte ( Real escort agencies in Brașov seem to be practically non-existent. Classifieds are also packed with ads, check ( for hundreds of ads. Some of them come up more than once, but it’s still a good number. The one thing that surprised me the most is the number of independent Brașov escorts. There are so many with own websites that it blew my mind. Nevertheless you should be on guard because despite individual sites girls could still be connected to the same network. Actually this is pretty common practice in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and other countries on the Balkan. Jade Escort (, Cindy’s Brasov Escort (, and Anna ( are just a few websites of companions in Brașov who label themselves as independent. Many girls in Brașov charge around €150-200 per hour, but there might be room for negotiations sometimes.

The Bartolomeu neighborhood and the train station of Brasov are popular with street walkers

Street prostitution and brothels are still the most popular means of mongering in Brașov. They’re also the saddest and filthiest. Romanian girls working outside of major cities, along highways, have become a stereotype in many European countries. And it’s exactly the same in the country of origin of those girls. Although there is no red-light district in Brașov, finding working girls takes zero effort. Especially when you know where to look. The Bartolomeu neighborhood and the train station are both a good start. There are also brothels. Usually located in apartment buildings. Also, usually a horrible experience for both the prostitute and the client. Ask around if you must, but I’d advise against it. You can get a €10 blowjob, but do you really want a €10 blowjob?

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