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The city is a desert when it comes to escorts and other sex workers. Kind of. Finding a local girl working as an escort in Sarajevo, even only as a freelancer, is almost impossible. It’s not “socially acceptable”. Bosnians are very conservative and incredibly proud people. Prostitution is legal, but it also isn’t. They use fancy lawyer words like “procurement” or “solicitation” to needlessly complicate it further. You can’t buy, the working girls in Sarajevo can’t advertise and the punishment for breaking these laws is harsh. It’s typical for the slow and bureaucratic way things are usually being handled and one of the reasons why Bosnia and Herzegovina is no really moving forward. The country still faces ethnical tensions, especially between the Bosnian Muslims and Serbs, huge unemployment rates and the access process to the EU has been delayed already several times.

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Finding escorts in Sarajevo is like looking for needles in the haystack

I’ve heard people saying they’ve been looking for action for years and found only disappointment. They’re right; a major part of the business is underground and not easily accessible. Your first pick would be escorts that promote their goods and services online. But then you will be disappointed because you’ll find just a few Sarajevo escorts advertising on the international directories. Very rarely an independent girl launches her own website but these sites usually go down very quickly. The local market is very limited. There are classifieds on Ljubavni Oglasnik (, but that’s like a dozen escorts across entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can try your luck with local porn magazines, as girls sometimes advertise there. Certain hotel lobbies could also hook you up. Allegedly. Ask the cabbies about brothels if you want, but treat them as the last resort. You might come across some rare freelance escorts in upscale clubs, but don’t get your hopes up. Expect to pay around €100 if you somehow manage to find someone.

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