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Working as an escort in Cape Town is not legal but usually tolerated. I imagine it’s too soon to touch upon controversial legal issues in South Africa. Back in “the day” sex between a European and a “native” was punishable by law. It sounds like one of those racist jokes that you can’t help but laugh at, but the sad part is that it’s not a joke. Prostitution remains illegal despite the valiant efforts of Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Task Force (SWEAT), an NGO focused on sex worker rights and health. Working girls need all the help they can get. AIDS is a real issue in South Africa. And the same deal is with police brutality and human traffic. The majority of prostitutes in Cape Town have reported getting beaten up and even raped by police officers. I think that decriminalizing the trade would improve the situation of women, but victims like Mickey Meji ( disagree. It’s not for me to judge. The facts are that prostitution is a common thing in Cape Town, widespread and accessible.

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Offering services online are the safest way to do business for escorts in Cape Town

Finding work as an online escort in Cape Town seems to mitigate some of the dangers those women face on a daily basis. Escorts South Africa ( and Escort Network ( are two examples of directories with escorts available in Cape Town. The number and the variety of girls available on those sites are astonishing. Cape Candy Girls ( is one of the rare breeds of escort agencies in Cape Town. Few escorts in Cape Town go independent like this Beautiful Pora ( girl. Then you have places like Nauty40 ( at 122 Bree Street. It is an “adult venue”; a mix of an escort agency and a massage parlor. Brothels are illegal so it clearly isn’t a brothel.

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Illegal bordellos in Cape Town do not have the best reputation

There are many of these definitely-not-brothels around Bree Street. One could say it’s the unofficial red light district of Cape Town. Be on guard since these those places are a bit shady, to say the least. There have been reports of people being blackmailed, sex tapes, money laundering, and abuse. We’re all aware that the sex business is generally far from being pristine. But they seem to be taking it up to another level in Cape Town. Sex with an escort or a prostitute in a brothel usually starts at around $200. Some brothels can charge as much as $1000 for a mediocre experience.

Cape Town street hooker smoking cigarette while waiting for customers

Cape Town has some areas frequented by street walkers such as Long St

Streetwalkers are everywhere, especially on Long Street and any road that is busy and has traffic lights at regular intervals. You can buy a quick lay for as low as $30 but in keep in mind what I said about the HIV epidemic. Close to 20% of South Africa’s population has AIDS, just let that sink in.

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