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Beirut striptease and erotic clubs

This is where it starts getting tricky. Striptease clubs, or super nightclubs, as they call them in Beirut, are the most common spots to find some company. There are many ways of mongering in places like that. Some clubs have rooms in the back that semi-openly accommodate you and your girl of choice. Many of them are meeting grounds for prostitutes and clients, where both sides sit down and negotiate. Sex workers in these striptease clubs in Beirut are of the highest quality and can cost as much as $1000 to take to your hotel room. Those clubs are generally located outside of Beirut, in the coastal city Maameltein.

Dancer sitting on shiny disco ball in Beirut night club

Strip clubs in Beirut, aka super night clubs, are typically places where you can find (paid) female company

Those who are not keen on visiting those venues have other trump cards. Beirut’s vibrant nightlife scene offers plenty of opportunities to mingle with local beauties. So if you’re desperate for some action in the capital you might have to look at regular clubs and bars such as O1NE ( in the O1NE Building at the Beirut Waterfront.

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