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Before digging into the intriguing world of Paris escorts it is good to take note of a significance change in the French regulation dealing with prostitution in April 2016. Until then the exchange of sexual acts for money was legal with the exception of connected activities such as operating a brothel, pimping, and obviously paying for sex with someone under the age of 18. In France the general minimum age of consent for sex is set at 15 years old. On 6 April 2016, the French National Assembly adopted the legislative proposal to impose fines on anyone who buys services from a prostitute. The total damage can be €1500, so be aware. Despite this landmark change in legislation there are still plenty of possibilities to have adult fun in Paris. Enforcement is not a top priority of the local authorities and – as you can imagine – comes also with the usual (laid-back) French twist and nonchalance.

Naturally, Paris boasts a huge selection of escort services. Especially if you would be into high-class call girls and VIP treatments, as exclusive as the city itself, the sky is virtually the limit in Paris. Paris escorts offer anything: from an outcall 1 hour booty call to the whole Pretty Woman package. Depending on the duration of the sexy date and the services you will fancy, the prices tend to vary a lot. But in general you should expect to pay at least €200 per hour for a date with a good-looking escort in Paris. You can browse all the girls on agency sites like Mynt Models (, or dig in a little bit further for independent escorts on a directory site like Escort Zone ( When you are searching online for an escort or another erotic service in France you will often stumble upon (, one of the biggest advertising platforms for escorts in Paris and other French cities nowadays. Because the site has a huge collection of thousands of escort reviews the site has also become very popular with clients.

Two Paris escorts making out on the bed

Paris is a favourite city among escorts doing international city tours

While browsing these erotic directories you will be surprised about the huge numbers of Asian, Brazilian and Russian escorts. Just like the city attracts yearly 10,000’s of foreign au pairs and students it is also a magnet to touring escorts and other foreign working girls. Many girls from former French colonies in the Caribbean and Africa, as well as Latin ladies and Eastern European women hop over to make some hard cash. They usually rent hotel rooms or private apartments to receive customers. Many sex workers also live permanently in Paris and work from home. Girls who have the ambition to work as escort in Paris need to be a bit cautious nowadays. The market is more and more controlled by gangs of certain ethnic origins that demonstrate to pay only very little respect to women. There are numerous disturbing anecdotes of girls who are blackmailed and even physically threatened by gangs. Independent ladies think they receive a text message from a client and share their hotel room or number of apartment. Too late they find out it turns out to be some mafia guys who try to force them to work for their agency. In case they refuse they are informed that someone will visit their hotel room or apartment. Sadly enough and no wonder that nowadays so many escorts in Paris take pepper spray or even knives with them in case “the shit hits the fan”.

Metro station in Pigalle, the renowned red light district of Paris

Pigalle, a famous area in Paris for vibrant nightlife and erotic entertainment

Although brothels and streetwalking are officially prohibited, nature always finds a way as the proverb goes. There are a few red light areas in Paris. Without any doubts, the most iconic one is the Pigalle Square, near the famous Moulin Rouge along the Boulevard de Clichy. That’s where you find dodgy massage houses and cheap peep shows next to posh clubs offer upscale erotic entertainment. A visit of famous cabaret clubs offering innocent shows are even part of the package offered by tour operators and travel agencies. Like with every other spot popular with tourists it’s also prone to scam artists and petty thieves, so better be careful.

Even in the streetwalking department you can expect stunning girls looking like high class escorts standing next to dirty cheap street hookers. When it’s comes to street prostitution Bois de Boulogne needs definitely to be mentioned. It is a huge park in the 16th arrondissement and Paris’ green lung. Boix de Boulogne is an important venue for leisure and sports activities of the city’s inhabitants during weekends and holidays.

Paris street prostitute stopping car in Bois de Boulogne

Bois de Boulogne: for leisure activities during daytime but playground of street prostitutes in Paris as soon as night kicks in

But at evenings another relaxation type kicks in when many parts are swarmed by working girls. Prices for a quickie in the bushes or your car will start at €40 and obviously depending on the service level and appearance of the girl prices can go up. You can pick from girls from all over the world, Eastern Europeans, Asians, Latinas, whatever floats your boat, even shemales and “trannies”. Keep in mind that there are numerous stories about men getting robbed or ending up unexpectedly with a lady boy. It sounds funny until it happens to you, so be cautious.

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