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Escorts in Marbella and the rest of Spain are a bit in the grey area. Though not regulated by the law, escorting and other paid sex services are tolerated, with the exception of pimping and exploitation of women. But hey, who cares about legal status? After all, it’s the Costa del Sol. Those yachts owners need something to spend their money on, don’t you think? You’ll be disappointed if you’re looking for cheap sex. Marbella’s escorts are crafty, it’s not their first rodeo and they know that you’re loaded when you’re taking a yacht to a dance club instead of a taxi. So they will exploit you shamelessly whenever they notice you have deep pockets.

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Be prepared to pay sky-high rates when ordering an escort in Marbella

Most escort agencies operating in Marbella provide VIP service 24/7 and their girls deserve that VIP label. They are professionals and judging the images in their profiles nothing less than catwalk material. So it seems that despite the sky-high price tags, the wares are worth it. Calling these ladies putas (whores), as you often read on Spanish escort websites would not feel appropriate. Escort Marbella Club ( has a ton of gorgeous babes at their disposal 24h service and lots of ways to filter the companions. I find it slightly disturbing that they’re calling them “products” on their website, but who am I to judge. Angela Escorts ( is another one of those prestigious escort agencies. I like how they all got girls from all over the world. As usual in Spain there is also a fair share of escort girls from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and other Latin American countries. To my surprise there is no huge eastern European presence like in most countries, although I assume many clients will be from Russia. The market needs to adapt to the international clients that visit the Costa del Sol and therefore offers a variety of nationalities. There are also unusual businesses such as Dream Candies ( that not only hook clients up with escorts, but also rent out yachts, luxury cars or even VIP security. Expect to pay €200 per hour at the very least; that’s the bottom shelf of Marbella escorts.

Marbella escort working on the street

Street prostitution is taken to another level in glamorous and posh Marbella

There are no classic brothels in this town and street prostitution is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Everything revolves around the marina Puerto Banús, especially the area around Ribera wharf. It’s hard to even describe what’s going on there. It’s not even streetwalking. It’s more like super-hot girls looking to hook up with rich people, it’s like a cross between escort-service and regular pick-up game. That’s the thing: most action happens in nightclubs and bars, which are crowded by stunners. You talk to one; you take her to your hotel suite and next thing you know she pulls a cash register out of her purse. And you are not even mad. It’s safe to assume that most babes in Marbella are looking for some kind of a money deal. It can be plain prostitution or a subtler version. Usually that boils down to looking for a “sugar daddy” when a girl considers herself too good to admit she’s prostituting herself. The Costa del Sol is the European Mecca of gold diggers. And they do not even to advertise on escort directories since social media and other online tools offer great opportunities to show off their beauty and connect with wealthy clients. In our modern digital society demand and supply come together in a very organic way on Instagram, Twitter, Tinder and other dating apps.

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