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Marseille escorts used to be the stuff of legend. “Prostitutes” was the correct term back in the day. My sailor father used to tell embarrassing stories about brothels in different ports. Usually in front of my prepubescent friends… Escort services in Marseille were (and still are) rather seedy. The current state of legalities might’ve tempered it down, but not by much. Now the buyers get punished with fines IF caught red-handed paying for sex. Marseille remains a melting pot like no other. You’ll find all kinds of races walking the streets: women from Eastern and Central Europe, Africa, Asia, even South America. Local girls tend to complain about newcomers lowering the prices and quality of escort services in Marseille. 

Brunette Mediterranean escort from Marseille

You can find many online ads of escorts operating from Marseille but you will need to filter out many fake profiles

If the price is not an issue then escorts in Marseille who are mostly advertising online can provide a quality experience. There is a lot of action in France’s second-largest city. The only downside is that there are a lot of fake profiles. Have a quick look at national directory sites such as Nia Model ( and Lady Xena ( for some outstanding courtesans in Marseille and other French cities and regions. Allo ( is a decent French escorts directory as well, provided you can ignore all the fake photos. I personally like Renole ( with their amateur girls the most. There are escort classifieds on G-Trouve ( but digging through all the ads takes effort. Prices are the usual ones for developed European countries: €100 is the bottom line for an hour.

Streetwalkers are the main reason why Marseille suffered a hit to its reputation. They’re often connected to the ongoing drug issues. People don’t talk about it to avoid scaring off the tourists. Keep in mind that Marseille is a traditional port city and one of the main entree ways into Europe. Literal tons of drugs are being smuggled through here every month. All I’m trying to say is that you’ll see all kinds of people in Marseille. Some of them less friendly than others. And they will tell you about all the “red-light districts”. The truth is: there is no real red-light district in Marseille. There are only clusters of harlots here and there.

Street hookers in Marseille waiting for customers

Exploring the shady Marseille street prostitution scene is risky business

La Canebière is one of the main streets in the city and it is crowded with working girls most nights of the week. You can buy a quickie for €50 pretty much everywhere in eastern parts of Marseille. It’s not the best bang for your buck and it’s risky. I don’t want to paint immigrants in a bad light, but the vast majority of African girls will mess you up. And if they won’t, then their pimps and accomplices likely will. There’s also the standard bus/train station crowd, but that’s even worse. Rue Barthélémy is where you can find some freelancers in bars and an occasional mini-brothel. That’s when two escorts rent a flat in Marseille and work from there.

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