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Basel's escorts take advantage of the city's multicultural appeal. Even to the extent that the majority of the partakers seem to be from the US. International corporations are the ideal clientele for escort services in Basel. Prostitution is fully legalized, apart from some forms of pimping and soliciting. Sex workers have insurance and need to pay taxes. Foreigners can apply for a “permit” that lasts 90 days. There is still quite a number of illegal prostitutes in Basel, despite all that. Those “guerilla” hookers charge whatever they want, as they’re not subject to state regulations. The Swiss have been open-minded about the sex business since medieval times. That’s funny since most of them claim they’re difficult people to get close to. Clearly, these aren’t mutually exclusive features. The only downside to prostitution in Basel is that it’s all very expensive. Nearby Germany could be a better pick if you’re on a budget.

Basel call girl meeting client in his apartment during outcall service

Basel's escort agencies have a great reputation

Escorts in Basel might not be cheap, but you’re paying for some of the best courtesans in the world. Browse Basel escorts on nation-wide directories like Be My Girl ( with their signature OnlyFans vibe. Directories are cool and all, but agencies reign supreme in Switzerland. Luxury Escorts (, Belle Donne ( and Escort Basel ( to name a few. There are some classifieds on Richobo ( and 6navi ( which is an absolute powerhouse. Prices are regulated by a union and the least a hooker can charge is around €90 per hour. In practice, €500 for an hour and a half is not unheard of.

Beautiful girl in sexy pose illuminated by red neon light at nightclub in Kleinbasel

The party district Kleinbasel might not be an official red-light area but offers plenty of adult entertainment

Basel doesn’t have a red light district, but has a “tolerance zone” instead. The Kleinbasel district is, in a large part, a giant tolerance zone. Zones where girls can practice their trade and marked lines and a green lantern sign. Not the Green Lantern from Marvel movies, but an actual green lamp-post painted on a sidewalk. All the pedestrian zones along the Rhine are a good place to start. You can find some action around the bridges, as well. Bars and clubs are filled with girls; some of them are after work, some of them are looking for work. Kleinbasel is a very laid-back party district. You can find some illegal streetwalker action around the train stations as well. No surprise here. The lowest price of around €90 still applies, but you can score with the illegal hookers for less.

Six gorgeous hostesses on sofa in Basel brothel

Most bordellos in Basel have top-notch service and stunning hostesses

Legal brothels (in German language: Bordelle) in Basel can be intimidating, especially if it would be your first brothel experience. They are also sometimes called Erotikstudio. Treat them like a regular bar, have a drink, relax, talk to the girls, and only take it further if you feel like it. Dreispitz ( at Lyon-Strasse 14 is dope and very affordable. Chanel Girls ( somewhere around Kleinbasel is more on the basic side. Studio Elite ( at Rümelinbachweg 9 has two locations in Basel alone and has quite an impressive roster. No wonder they call themselves the #1 brothel in Basel. That kind of experience will cost you €100 for 15 minutes. The Laufhaus type of brothels, large staircase buildings where individual girls rent rooms, are present as well. Check out Sexhouse Basel ( at Brantgasse 12 if you want to explore that part of Basel’s paid sex scene.

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