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Being a popular destination for both business and leisure travellers, Amsterdam is frequented by many touring escorts, very often ladies with Eastern European roots. And it goes without saying that Amsterdam’s reputation of a tolerant and open-minded city contributes to its attraction as well. Stunning, educated call girls from all over the world for you to pick from. Prices are a bit on the steep side, starting from as much as €150 for an hour, but you’re paying for quality time. Large numbers of independent escorts and agency girls from Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Ukraine and Russia rent apartments or hotel rooms to receive male guests. They are not always operating from the city centre: many foreign escort girls rent private accommodation in areas such as Amsterdam Zuid-Oost (near the Ajax stadium), Bijlmermeer, Buitenveldert and Osdorp or book a hotel room close to airport Schiphol, to reach most districts from the city centre it will take you just a few stops by metro, tram or bus. Also towns close to Amsterdam such as Diemen, Amstelveen, Aalsmeer, Weesp and Almere have become popular stops in the travelling escorts circus in the Netherlands. Most of these cities can be reached within 15-30 minutes by car, train or other public transport from Amsterdam city centre. Officially working from hotels and private accommodations is not allowed but police and local authorities will usually turn a blind eye on it, unless they have founded indications of too young girls involved or when ladies would be being tricked into human trafficking networks. Most of the erotic service providers in the Netherlands, both local and foreign ones, publish their profiles and ads on Kinky (, the absolute market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to escort advertising. The site is affiliated with the famous Hookers (, by far the most popular erotic forum site in the Netherlands, which contains 10,000’s of reviews by customers. Due to privacy issues and difficulties to meet the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements the site owners decided recently to close down the review section of Hookers. I am sure it will not take long before alternative local (escort) review sites will fill in the gap. In order to stay on the safe side many men prefer to check whether the lady they plan to meet has received good scores and reviews from fellow punters in the past.

Amsterdam escort in blue lingerie stretching out on the floor

Touring escorts from Eastern Europe dominate the scene in Amsterdam

If (high-class) call girls are not your cup of tea you can opt for disappearing inside a window with a girl, like Harry Potter. Amsterdam is not only a popular hub for travelling escorts. The capital of Netherlands is perhaps best known for de Wallen, its famous red light district and lax prostitution laws and probably the first city that pops up when you look that kind of stuff up on the internet. De Wallen is the most widely recognized district when it comes to window prostitution and such. Historically it used to be the so-called Old Town, but like in old fables: “this is where it all began”. Fun fact: disguising brothels as massage parlours and spas actually began in Amsterdam as early as in 1935! Now it’s completely different, it has become a trendy, popular area with classic pubs, nightclubs, museums and art galleries, all that alongside beautiful girls seducing you from their cosy windows. Prices for those kinds of services start at €50 and generally go up depending on the length of your encounter, or its nature. The policy of the local authorities regarding de Wallen has significantly changed over the years. A lot of establishments and windows have been closed because of money laundry and other illegal activities.

Street in de Wallen, Amsterdam's red light district

De Wallen, Amsterdam's legendary red light district, have also a less charming side

The truth that behind the façade of freedom, fun and pleasure in Amsterdam’s red light zone there is also a more ugly and sad face. It cannot be ignored that behind the scene networks of pimps control many girls. There are numerous of stories of Dutch guys who drive in their impressive big cars to small villages in Hungary and Romania and talk many girls into prostitution. The girls think they think they can work as dancer or waitress in an erotic club, at least that is what they have been told. But at the end of the day they find themselves ending up behind a window in a red light area. It is without doubts that forced prostitution and human trafficking are not only crimes but also a disgrace to humanity and should be combatted hard and removed by the root. Unfortunately and despite all best intentions, there is also a downside of the recent approach to close down a part of the brothels and red windows and turn them into art galleries and shops and offices for start-up companies. It seems in some cases the authorities overdone it and also girls who worked on completely voluntary basis behind the red windows were affected. As a consequence they lost their jobs and sources of income. Many of them were forced to continue working in the hidden illegal scene, for instance by operating from private apartments. There they can expect far less protection by the law and medical check-ups and hygienically controls as they are provided in the regulated Wallen district.

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