Erotic masseuses & salons from Montréal

Montréal erotic massage

Erotic massage parlors are the bread and butter of mongering in Montréal. So much so, that they’ve been recognized as an issue. Chinatown is riddled with such establishments. The erotic masseuses are often older ladies with a habit of shoving their fingers where the sun doesn’t shine. At least so I’ve heard. The service itself might not be the best but 90% of these spots do happy endings and more. You’ll find the sleazy studios everywhere but the really good ones are rare.

Man receiving massage in studio in Montreal

In Montreal erotic massage is the bread and butter of the mongering scene

Le Penthouse ( at 4960 Rue de Sorel, is supposed to be one of the top sensual massage studios in Montréal. Nuru VIP ( at 1249 Drummond St is also famous. Have you noticed how they don’t have masseuses but “hostesses”? The prices are very reasonable, especially according to local standards. I think $150 for a good Nuru is acceptable. I would say even more so if those hot photos of their “hostesses” are accurate.

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