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Working as escort (acompañante in Spanish) in Buenos Aires is all right, at least from a legal perspective since most forms of prostitution in Argentina are permitted. They even have AMMAR, which stands for Association of Women Sex Workers in Argentina in Action for Our Rights. Yup, they have a sex worker trade union. And very unfortunately: they really need one, as there have been dozens of murder cases involving working girls and only a handful have been solved. While the usual stuff like brothels and forcing someone into prostitution are illegal, that’s only on paper. The police force is corrupted beyond belief and isn’t held in high regard, so crime circles do as they please. Traditional types of prostitution were rampant in Buenos Aires for decades.

Buenos Aires escort posing at beach

Many escorts in Buenos Aires are offering their services via online directories

People only recently began warming up to online escorts. Most of the Buenos Aires escorts moved their businesses online, ever since the new laws hit the streets. You can’t sell sex anywhere within 500m from a school, a residence or a church, but they cannot silence the Internet. Geisha Academy ( operates not only in Buenos Aires but most of South America and even Spain. The management is in hands of the escorts themselves and you can choose from an impressive selection of girls with great looks and brains. Sexy Sabor ( is a directory of acompañantes in Buenos Aires, very simple, yet effective and packed with stunning amateur girls. Dulces Diosas ( is another example of a successful Argentinian escort directory. The girls available on those websites are often sexy as hell and as diverse as the city itself. You’ll encounter every shape and size you can imagine, representing different nationalities, especially from neighbouring Latin American countries. Sex with an escort in Buenos Aires will usually start at around $150 for two hours.

Buenos Aires street prostitute talking to client in car

Most streetwalking girls in Buenos Aires can be found in the parks of the Palermo district

Keep one thing in mind: South America is known for ridiculously cheap plastic surgery, so practically every other woman is enhanced. Some of them haven’t even started out as a woman. Parks around Palermo are the so-called red lights district of Buenos Aires and boast a higher shemale to square mile ratio than Bangkok. It’s cool if you’re into that sort of stuff, but keep in mind it’s also infested by all kinds of lowlifes like junkies and petty thieves. A quick blowjob from a working girl (if you’re lucky) in the bushes will cost you as low as $30.

Sexy Argentinian girl posing in Buenos Aires brothel

Brothels in Buenos Aires operate usually under the radar

If you’d rather take your trophy to a place with a roof then you should consider paying for a telo. This is a local kind of “love hotel” that rents rooms for anything from $20 to 50$ per hour. As for brothels, they are as elusive as everywhere else, they don’t advertise outside word of mouth and are paying off cab drivers to lure clients in. The quality is all right and for sure better and safer than the streetwalkers’ scene in Buenos Aires. An hour with a local bordello girl will cost you anything in between $30 and 300$ depending on the looks of the prostitute and the services you want.

Beautiful Argentinian girl in stylish club in Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires many freelance working girls operate from clubs

Buenos Aires is also known for its club and bar prostitution. Many freelance working girls and even fulltime escorts roam the local cafes and disco clubs to find clientele. Best spots are located around Palermo, Recoleta and along the seaside. No matter if you are local or foreigner; as long as you are willing to pay a decent price you could find someone to accompany to your hotel or private place. Remember that local girls are usually playing “hard to get”, so if a lady would approach you out of her own accord then it’s most likely a business proposition.

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