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Escorts in Ankara are operating in a sort of twilight zone: something between legal and maybe not so legal for foreigners. Sex workers are supposed to get registered, but promoting sex services is punishable by law. Brothels are also technically legal but only for Turkish citizens. Besides most located in Ankara have been demolished due to a court order. It’s a bit confusing and I’d personally recommend sticking to escorts, better safe than sorry, right? Especially considering Turkish prisons don’t have the best reputation in the world. Many Ankara escort agencies like All Ankara Escort ( seem to be managed by Russians since most girls in their “stable” are either Russian or Ukrainian.

Russian escort in Ankara in seductive pose on bed

Many escorts touring to Ankara and other Turkish cities have either the Russian or Ukrainian nationality

Only in rare cases you can also stumble upon a local Turkish escort. Some call girl agencies like Best Starlets ( focus completely on Russian and Ukrainian escorts who are based in or travelling to Ankara. Prices oscillate around €150 per hour of fun.

There are also a few escorts in Ankara that have their own websites and advertise individually, for example the beautiful red haired Russian lady Valerie ( Some international escort directories have also sections of independent and agency call girls from the Turkish capital like Cosmohotties (

Sign pointing to brothel on site of Ephesus in Turkey, carved in the Marble Road

Brothels have a long tradition in Turkey as this brothel advertisement at the Marble Road in Ephesus dating back to the Roman times demonstrates

Most escorts listed in those advertising portals look young and hot. So as usual, you should try to test how genuine the photos are. Reverse image search programs/sites such as TinEye ( or Google Reverse Search ( could come in handy here.

If you really want to go to a brothel (aka a genelev) you could probably chat a taxi driver up, or ask around Ankara’s red light district located at Bentderesi. Approach at your own risk. A quicky with a non-escort girl at an “establishment” or a streetwalker is dirty cheap: €15 at the most.

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