Erotic masseuses & salons from Liverpool

Liverpool erotic massage

There are numerous ways of getting thoroughly massaged in Liverpool. As everywhere you will come across some escorts in Liverpool who claim they master Tantra, prostate and other erotic massage techniques. Some massage studios are a cover-up for underground brothels but can’t advertise as such. The golden rule here is that if you get that bordello vibe inside, it’s usually a bordello. As such they get easily tracked down and swiftly closed over night.

There are a few sensual massage salons in Liverpool that managed to stay on the market for quite a while already. Angel Lodge ( at 13 Newstett Road and Spa 21 ( located on 21 Temple Street are two examples of such remainders. These massage parlours have all kinds of facilities at your disposal, such as dungeons and rooms with king-sized beds, everyone knows they are they are best for “massage”.

Man getting an intense massage in Thai massage salon in Liverpool

Liverpool is not lacking in in the Thai massage department

If your cup of tea is more the relaxing Asian-style massage, you'll be relieved to learn that there are a large number of traditional Thai salons in Liverpool. Often these salons advertise as a combination of a Thai massage and beauty spa salons like Lamduan Thai Massage & Spa ( located on 279 County Road.

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