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In Odessa there are a few striptease clubs here and there. These striptiz kluby are great spots for a cheap drink and a lap dance. Just don’t count on much extras. Girls rarely allow for any touching and anything more is out of question. Most Odessa striptease clubs are not the type of strip clubs and their “VIP rooms” that operate as fronts for brothels. Of course, if you have game and there is good chemistry between you and a club lady there is always a chance she will give you her phone number. But never put your hopes up too high. Many Odessa girls are beautiful, used to get a lot of attention and do not fall that easily for the charms of a stranger.

Male visitors flirting with dancer in Odessa striptease club

The girls working in Odessa striptease clubs are not automatically open to advances of male visitors

But luckily the amazing beach club scene in Odessa offers great opportunities to watch and even mingle with local beauties. Most clubs and bars in Odessa are located around Arcadia, the famous resort and party district. Naturally, the most amazing long-legged creatures and other beautiful babes hang around those popular spots. You can come across everything; from upscale professional escorts to timid and shy young students who want to earn some extra pocket money and work as free-lance escorts. Just bear in mind that most local girls, no matter how sexy and sultry they might look, usually don’t screw around on the first date. Their babushkas raise them much better than that. Ibiza (, Itaka ( and Palladium ( on Italiis'kyi Blvd 4 are the go-to clubs in Odessa. Their dance floors are usually filled up with stunning local women, who won’t check out before the sun rises again.

Two Ukrainian girls in bikini enjoying their cocktail in Odessa beach club

The beach clubs of Odessa are renowned for their stunning local girls and outgoing party atmosphere until the early morning hours

Anyway, when you meet a local girl in Odessa, show respect and be generous. Act like a gentleman in every inch. Unfortunately sex tourism is pretty common and has shown its most ugly face in Ukraine. There’s the stereotype that Ukrainian women are easy. It’s clearly offensive and locals are rightfully offended by all the foreigners thinking the girls are in for a cheap lay. Some men are more romantic and hope for even more than a one-night stand. People travel to Odessa not only to take in the sun and relax but even for a finding a partner for lifetime. Travel agencies go as far as organizing marriage tours for wealthy single Americans, Brits or Italians, who are desperately looking for a Ukrainian wife.


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