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Pattaya is the Thai capital of prostitution and it’s for very good reasons that it goes under the nickname “Sin City”. You thought Bangkok was hot but this is truly another league. 27 000 is the estimated number of escorts and other prostitutes in Pattaya. Let that sink in. That’s more than several countries-worth of working girls combined. Most of them are prowling the Walking Street, which is only 500m long. It’s overwhelming. The administration is doing its best to clear Pattaya’s image. They’re going as far as saying the Walking Street has been cleared of…streetwalkers. Everyone just laughs at those claims. Some go as far as calling it the Sodom and Gomorrah of the modern world. Others call it “Sin City” and get busted by the cops during illegal hotel orgies. It makes you think if there are legal hotel orgies happening somewhere. Everything happens very organically, there are no facades. Everyone just knows what they’re in Pattaya for. That is the main reason I don’t believe it to be suitable for a family vacation.

Thai escort girl from Pattaya dressed in leopard print lingerie

In "Sin City" Pattaya escorts come in high numbers and in many flavours

There is a huge and diverse supply of escorts in Pattaya. You will come across many legit Thai escorts like the ones on 111 Escorts Pattaya ( or Pattaya Gold Escorts ( You can also call Russian69 ( if you fancy Slavic beauties. European and Russian escorts seem to be in high demand in these parts of the world. Locanto ( is filled with lady boy classifieds, in case that is your jam. I usually recommend escort services anywhere else in the world but not in Pattaya. Here, going outside and picking girls up on the street is the way to go. You see what you get, you like a girl and you take her to your hotel. That is why many prefer independents over escort agencies, that have the habit to swap the babe you picked for someone else; maybe even someone of an uncertain sex.

The best thing you can do is head out to the Walking Street and cruise around. Soi 6, Soi 7 and Soi 8 streets are also crowded with girls. Hookers are standing on the side of the road holding signs with prices. Some of them will approach you on their own accord, but the ones you really want will make you work for it.

Thai street prostitute In Pattaya's Walking Street

What's in a name: Walking Street in Pattaya: one the world's biggest and most famous street prostitution zones

Everything on the Walking Street is a brothel. Except for the noodle stands and durian vendors…for the most part. Even the seemingly legitimate bars are dens of prostitution. Girls working there are either employed by the owners or are freelance hookers. Either way, you’ll most likely have to pay a bar fee if you want to take one out. The thing with these women is that they’re looking for a way out. They might give you the best GFE you ever had in hope of forming a lasting relationship with a foreigner. Some will try and negotiate a longer deal, something like a few days and up to a week. Keep one thing in mind: don’t ever pay more than $100 for a “short time”, or up to two hours. Most Thai girls around Pattaya Beach charge $20.

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