Erotic masseuses & salons from Moscow

Moscow erotic massage

Banning streetwalking in Moscow entirely resulted in a tremendous development of the oldest masquerade in the sex business with the result that erotic massage salons are spread all over the city. Technically you can’t own a brothel, but the law says nothing about innocent massage and spa salons. And how could the government possibly control what’s going on behind closed curtains? Officially erotic massage studios can’t offer sexual services, but practically they’re giving hand jobs left and right and some go even further. In any case you can expect a decent classic or full body massage and all that jazz.

Neon light advertising spa massage in Moscow

Spa and massage salons in Moscow offer often more than their innocent name suggests

There’s a large number of these erotic massage parlours located in downtown Moscow, nearby all the areas frequented by tourists and rich businessmen, or close to transport hubs like metro stations. Vanilia massage ( is an example of such conveniently and centrally located spot. The salon is at Bolshaya Molchanovka 18 in the popular central Arbat area and boasts a great reputation.

When you have arrived in a salon you usually pick your masseuse from a photo brochure or from a line-up of girls. If you find the latter selection procedure a bit awkward check with the operator whether you can already book a girl in advance. Usually through the sites of the massage salon you can get a good impression of what you can expect. You can have a glimpse of the interiors; read the massage services menu and watch photo galleries of the masseuses, so you can make already a well-informed choice.

Russian couple in Jacuzzi of sex sauna in Moscow

Many Moscow saunas offer opportunities to couples for having intimate moments in private areas but they are not always easy to localize

When a site looks as beautiful and professional as the one of relax club Roxy (, located on Petrovka street 17 near metro Tverskaya, you can usually expect a customer friendly and high service level. Sex saunas are also a thing in Moscow, but those are a well-kept secret, and usually advertised via viva voce.

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