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Escorts in Johannesburg are a touchy subject. The disparity between incomes in this city is best reflected in Johannesburg’s escort services. You’ll come across an entire spectrum of sex workers in this city. Naturally, the top touring girls and freelances in Johannesburg can be found downtown. Certain bars and hotel lobbies are packed with girls looking for work. The less appealing districts and townships are the cause of the illegality of prostitution in Joburg. Delegalizing stuff just because you can’t control it has always been the way to. Human traffic and child prostitution have been rampant in the impoverished parts of the city. In a way, I understand they’d rather put a lid on it, but it will need to be sorted eventually. Kid prostitutes and kid pimps on every other corner. Not to mention HIV still being an issue in South Africa. SWEAT (Sex Workers Education & Advocacy Taskforce) is trying to work with the government to somehow decriminalize the sex business in Johannesburg. They’re doing good work, but it’s a tough cookie to crack.  

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For booking company in Johannesburg it is recommended to use reputable and reliable escort agencies

Escorts in Johannesburg are the safest bet. Not safe enough to jump in head first, though. Make sure you book your Johannesburg escorts using reputable agencies. Red Velvet ( and Escort South Africa ( are the largest directories in the region. Sandton Companions ( and Heidi Fleiss ( are two rare escort agencies in Johannesburg. You can browse some classifieds on Ads Africa ( if you want to. The company of an escort in Johannesburg can cost anything between $100 and $300 per hour. It’s mostly local women, you won’t see many foreigners.

People say that Hillbrow is the main red-light district in Joburg. Hellbrow sounds more like it. It’s a cesspool with drugged up underaged streetwalkers. Local bars are hunting grounds with kids looking for a “whitey” to rip off. You can find brothels in these parts as well. Give a girl a $10 bill and she’ll do anything. That’s if you’re a monster. Remember that it’s all illegal and dangerous. Don’t downplay it just because law enforcement is lacking here.

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