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Where do I even start with striptease clubs in Varna? They’re a mixed bag. You’ll come across the ones that will skin you alive, empty your credit card and pockets of every penny. But you’ll also see brothels and clubs operating as such. It can be pure horror or the best night of your life, just depending on where you look.

Pole dancer on stage in an erotic bar in Varna

Striptease clubs and erotic bars in Varna can be a hit or a miss; so hope for the best but prepare for the worst

Try the Playboy Bar ( at Blvd. "8-th Primorski Polk " 57 B or Gentleman Club MR ( at Ul. "Doctor Piskyuliev" 1А. If I had to pick a personal favourite it would be Erotic Bar 911 ( on Blvd. "Slivnitsa" 10 in the very centre of Varna.


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