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Vancouver striptease and erotic clubs

Striptease clubs in Vancouver are amazing. They cater for good and safe fun with girls who know what they’re doing. You can expect top of the line shows performed by professional strippers. There might not be that many strip clubs in Vancouver left though. A fair number closed down over the recent years; so it’s quality over quantity nowadays.

Beautiful blond stripper illuminated by neon light in Vancouver striptease club

There might be just a few gentlemen's and strip clubs in Vancouver but you can count on excellent services and beautiful show girls and strippers

Granville Strip ( at 1050 Granville St is a good spot with great VIP booths and topless blackjack. The Penthouse ( at 1019 Seymour St has been established in 1947 and still remains one of the best strip clubs in Vancouver.

As in every other main city in Canada, also Vancouver features some swinger clubs, sometimes also referred to as adult lifestyle clubs. Katrina Private Home ( is targeting couples and both partners will need to be at least 21 years old. A brief interview is also part of the admission procedure to be sure that guests understand and will not be offended by the sexual purpose and orientation of the club.

Female guest of Vancouver swinger clubs surrounded by male woreshippers

Swinger and liberal lifestyle clubs are on the rise in Vancouver and the rest of Canada

In Delta, a city approximately 20 kilometres away from Vancouver, there is Eden Club (, located on 7231 120 St #202. Eden Club has a large and loyal members base and throws a lot of parties for the local swingers community, which is definitely on the rise in Vancouver.

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