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Prostitution laws in Mexico have remained largely unchanged since the 19th century, the time of French occupation. Back then women served mostly as entertainment for the military and no one ever heard of “escorts” or acompañantes, as they also say in Spanish. The government went as far as grading sex workers depending on their attractiveness. The upside was that the Ministry of Health did regular check-ups on prostitutes (putas) to make sure they’re healthy and soldiers remain uninfected. Prostitution was widespread, controlled by the higher-ups so should’ve been relatively safe, right? Yeah, despite all that Mexico is infamous for sexual exploitation and human traffic. There are stories of those vultures grabbing children off the streets in smaller villages. Just the thought makes my skin crawl. They made a step forward in 2012 by implementing new laws, but those are practically enforced only in Mexico City and even there the dark side of prostitution still roams free.

Young Latin escort in Mexico City

Many escorts in Mexico City come from other Latin American countries, especially Colombia

Young, educated women in the capital are slowly realizing that working as an escort in Mexico City can be quite profitable when you don’t have to hand half of your earnings to a pimp. Online escort business in Ciudad de México (or CDMX), as the official name of Mexico City goes nowadays, is still in an infant stage. Only a very few ladies run their own websites. But as is the case in most countries in Central and South America there is a wide offer of local and national directory and classifieds sites where escorts and masseuses can post ads and upload their profiles. You can browse hundreds of profiles of escorts in CDMX on portals such as Escorts en Mexico ( and Sexy Servidoras ( What I like about the last site is that several ladies have also uploaded teasing videos and that is stated when a girl can be contacted via Whatsapp. Also on Orgazum911 ( you will come across some sexy introduction videos. This elite agency’s site also mentions the girl’s nationality in the profiles and you will notice how well Brazil but in particular Colombia are represented in the scene. Colombian sex workers are all around and there is even an agency Eroticas Colombiana ( in Mexico City, which is specialized in Colombian escorts.

Some Mexican escort directory sites have also English info, which makes them easier to navigate. But to hook up with the girls a handful of Spanish will certainly come in handy since many escorts speak very poor English. Most chicas can be contacted through Whatsapp so a date can be quickly if not even instantly arranged. Many of the escorts travel between Mexico City and popular summer destinations like Cancun. Everything is really cheap. You can have sex with a 10/10 escort in Mexico City for as low as 1000 pesos, which translates to $50. It always depends on the girl, but I feel like some call themselves VIP escorts just to wind the prices up. That’s the thing in these South American countries: women look either like Salma Hayek or like Danny Trejo.

Street prostitute on ultra-high heels in Mexico City's red light district

Zona Rosa is a red light district in Mexico City that is particularly popular with transsexuals

Zona Rosa is the red light district in Mexico City. By day it’s your usual shopping area with heavy traffic while at night it transforms into the central streetwalkers hub. The area is really huge and literally crowded by working girls. Beware of trannies, they run rampant and aggressively push their “merchandise” by literally grabbing people by the balls. La Rosa is also the part of town that the LGBT community feels the most comfortable around. There are impoverished districts like Buena Vista and La Merced that are also known as places to look for prostitutes in Mexico City. Better keep them on a safe distance since those women are often drugged and exploited either by their families or crime circles. The same deal often applies to brothels. There are some state-run legal brothels in other provinces but the ones in Mexico City are horrible cesspools of abuse and misery.

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