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Escort services in Cologne are an integral part of the city, almost as much as the beer halls and churches. The most visited religious site in Germany and the largest brothel in the world in the same city? Welcome to Köln! Prostitution is legal and escorts in Cologne add quite a sum in taxes to the city budget. There have been some mishaps in 2020 because of you-know-what. The business had to slow down a little bit, but it’s slowly climbing out of that hole. The current situation aside, I think the administration tries to keep the cookie and eat the cookie. They want to keep prostitution legal, but maybe not shove it into people's faces. Stay progressive but still family-friendly. That’s why they got rid of Amsterdam-like red-light districts and moved the streetwalkers to the outskirts of Cologne. You’ll come across some amazing brothels and the obligatory German FKK’s. The line-up is usually the standard Eastern European kind with the occasional Asian. German working girls aren’t a rare sight either. Statistics say that around 30% of prostitutes in Cologne are natives, which is a remarkable high number for western European cities.

German call girl in Cologne undressing in front of customer

A fair portion of the local escorts in Cologne are of German origin

Cologne escorts take the cake when it comes to convenience and anonymity. The scene is dominated by escort agencies such as Gloss Escort (, Dom Escort ( and Escort Cologne ( just to name a few. The escort scene in Cologne is highly dominated by agencies; directories like Redlight ( are a rarity. Speaking of “dominated”: you’ll see a lot of BDSM ads while browsing stuff in Cologne. I feel like it’s such a German thing. Is it the accent that makes everything sound like a safe word? Pick your poison and expect the prices to start at €150 for an hour.

There have been two quite vibrant red-light districts in Cologne. Both have been shut down and repurposed as shopping and leisure areas. Most businesses have moved to the outskirts of Cologne and often function as Laufhaus: a large staircase building with apartments, rent by working girls and the most popular German version of a brothel. You can find streetwalkers here and there (train station). They’re usually migrants who’d rather not work in legal branches of prostitution. Cologne has even pioneered the use of Verrichtungsboxen in Germany. A Verrichtungsbox is a drive-through garage where you can pick a girl from the streets for some quick action. Various facilities are in place like a washroom and a panic button, so the girls feel safe. These women will charge around €50.

Blonde prostitute in Cologne Laufhaus

The Laufhaus style brothels are a big thing in Cologne

Brothels in Cologne are “where it’s at”. They even say that the famous Pascha ( at Hornstraße 2 is the largest brothel of the world. This huge Laufhaus is an absolute landmark and should be on the bucket list of every erotic club goer. However, as many erotic businesses, it became victim of the Covid-19 lock down and had to shut it doors for long time. Frankly spoken, it doesn’t look like much from the outside. In fact it looks pretty depressing. But on the inside it is an entirely different beast. Imagine twelve floors, 120 working girls, 80 non-sexual staff members and themed rooms. They offer discounts for seniors and occasionally even allow female tours of the facilities. That happened on Mother’s Day in 2011, no joke. Das Bordell Eros Center Köln ( at Hornstraße 87 is another popular Laufhaus in Cologne. Nylon Café ( at Europaallee 5, is a small and modern bordello that has also erotic massage on the menu. You’ll have to pay an entry fee and then negotiate a price with a girl in one of the rooms.

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