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Bogotá is trying to emulate European countries and their legal models concerning escort services and other forms of prostitution. Their aim is to enclose it in red-light districts, but it’s a struggle. Women need to get their health checked regularly and carry documentation. In reality it’s a dumpster fire. Child prostitution is rampant and closely linked to drugs and cartels. Adult women aren’t safe either; they often get shipped overseas to pay off family debts. To be fair; some leave on their own to escape the poverty. I make it sound like Bogotá is hell on earth but it’s not all bad.

Bogota escort stretching out on the bed

In Bogota they try to regulate escort business

Professional escorts and freelancers in Bogotá usually operate either from El Centro or Zona Rosa. Those girls represent the top shelf of Colombian and international beauty. MilEroticos ( is a directory with over 200 000 escort adds in Bogotá alone. I suspect that many profiles of the acompañantes or damas de compañía, as they call escort companions in Spanish, are either fake or redirect to a certain escort agency. Pasion Prepagos ( is a similar nation-wide escort directory. I find the number of 18 años chicas somewhat alarming, considering the underage prostitution in Bogotá. You never know if it’s an older girl posing as barely legal or the other way around. You can choose one of many escort agencies in Bogotá such as El Silencio ( and Eros Premium ( The quality of call girls is comparable between agencies and directories. Prices are usually low; around $50 to $100 for an hour with a stunning girl. Then there are the so-called “premium escorts”. Those will ask for $300+ but they often get down to $150 if you got a bit of banter.

Colombian prostitute receiving money in Bogota brothel

In Bogota brothels are often covered up as private house or bar

The legal red light district of Bogotá is a bit of a complicated matter. It’s like a constant turf war between trannies and regular hookers. During the day you can walk around in bliss, have a beer at a bar. A couple of hours later the place is a war zone dominated by angry transsexuals. It sounds funny but I’m not joking around. It’s a textbook “hit or miss situation”: you might have the time of your life or you might get shanked for a cigarette. I like that kind of thrill, especially with streetwalkers this hot and this cheap. Full service will cost you around $20, that’s including a BJ and intercourse. Santa Fe is also home to numerous brothels. Not exactly hidden but bordellos usually take the form of a bar or a regular house.

Colombian freelance escort drinking coffee in Bogota bar

Freelance working girls roam the bars and clubs of Bogota to hook up with "gringos"

I dare to say that bar girls and freelance escorts are the best part of Bogotá’s mongering scene. Try popular watering holes such as Extasis, Copacabana or anything between Calle 13 and 17 streets. Working girls in Bogotá have a huge lady-hard-on for gringos. Getting into an uber-hot three-way for less than $50 is very much possible. Especially after 1 o’clock when the bars close up. Chances are that those chicas will approach you on their own just because you’re white. This is how people familiar with Bogotá roll. They’ll roam around a few bars and see what’s up. They’ll do a line or two in a toilet and move on to a brothel or a casino. Closer to midnight they’ll think if they even feel like taking a girl or two back home. Chill, nonchalant vibe contrasts with drug barons and armed entourage sitting in upscale club lodges. I’d be scared shitless to go out in Bogotá without a friend who knows his way around.

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