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Selling sexual services in Toronto is legal, pimping and running a brothel is not allowed. I watched a Vice documentary about how the laws changed the past few years. It’s that common discussion between old women that never worked in prostitution. On the other side are young girls that see nothing wrong about working in the sex business. The oldest profession in the world versus “the oldest oppression” issue is a sensitive topic that needs to be handled with care and nuance. It’s always the people who have no practical experience that have the opinions and make the laws. They just assume that all women are forced into prostitution. I agree that human traffic and abuse are issues but let’s not throw everyone into the same victim bucket. Just look at escort agencies in Toronto and think if those girls look like victims. Toronto Passions ( and Allegra Escorts Collective ( are two examples. Those escorts definitely don’t look like victims. There’s that photo of a tied-up blonde but I think that’s on purpose. The ones on Cachet Ladies ( look rather well fed in my humble opinion. Agencies dominate the market, but there are a few directories. Sexo Toronto ( is where the independent escorts in Toronto advertise. Look at the variety, there are all shapes and sizes. Girls usually won’t even be bothered for less than $150 per hour. There are even Twitter accounts ( devoted to escorts in Toronto. Toronto Courtesans ( is the go-to site for touring escorts and independent escort profiles.

Toronto escort in seductive pose

Many Toronto escorts have a very unique style and own way to promote their business online

Except for maybe Australia I do not think you will come across many other countries than Canada where escorts understand so well the art of marketing and branding themselves and their services. Almost all independent escorts in Canada’s biggest city such as Pearl Love Lee ( who calls herself a Pleasure Coach have own greatly designed and professional websites. The image galleries on those sites are candy for the eye and through Twitter, Instagram and other social media they keep in touch with their large fan base. Twitter and Instagram are also used as communication channels to announce upcoming city tours. Touring escorts is a very common phenomenon in a huge country like Canada where distances between the main cities can be even bigger than between capitals on the European continent. Madison Winter ( is a spectacular blonde who describes herself has the typical girl next door who likes to listen to Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. If you are into something less sweet and wilder you can hook up with punk rock pornographer and prostitute Jane Way ( And if you would be up for something more exotic and intellectual you could give it a try with Akira Arigaki ( who labels herself as a nerdy Japanese girl. You are more into the model type of girls? Well then you would probably be pleased to meet Alexis Arnaud (, an Australian swimsuit model and university student. Those stunners and great personalities are every man's dream but note that many charge at least $1000 for a romantic encounter.

Escorting in Canada is also much about screening of clients. Many escorts, especially the most exclusive and popular ones, will push their customers through some type of screening process before they will accept a meeting. There are different ways to pass the test as a customer. Ladies can ask you for references of other escorts you have met before. Or they will ask you to share with them some ID related info, your social media profile or job-related information like a LinkedIn profile, stuff like that. Some will ask you to pay a certain amount upfront as a deposit. And on top it all there are popular sites such as renowned reviews site TER ( and P411 ( where both escorts and clients can apply for verification. It’s funny to see that this screening process has become a business of its own. Those screening requirements may be annoying and even a no-go for those customers who care a lot about their privacy. But we need to accept and respect that the women are entitled to take precautious measures. Canada might have a spotless reputation, better safe then sorry after all. And girls cannot afford to hire a bodyguard. Besides, it could be considered the same thing as having a pimp and that's illegal.

Toronto street prostitute in lights of car

Some parks in Toronto are frequented by street hookers at night

Online advertising is, by far, the most popular way of mongering in Toronto. There are no real brothels and there is no red-light district. But you might find some streetwalkers around the Allan Gardens Park after dusk. Those will cost you around $60 for full service.

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