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Escort business and other forms of paid sex in Hong Kong are considered legal, as long as it’s not organized. It’s considered organized when there’s more than one woman working in a given room. The law is a child’s play to bypass and sex business in Hong Kong is booming. And just like cities as Dubai and Shanghai it has become a major hub for touring escorts from all regions from the world. Most escorts in Hong Kong come from Thailand, Malaysia, Laos and the Philippines but other nationalities, such as Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and Polish girls are also very common.

Many escorts in Hong Kong are visiting the city during international tours

The police are focused on fighting illegal immigration, rather than prostitution. Crime circles exploit the situation, making a fortune from human traffic. We all know the story: a young, simple girl from an impoverished Filipino village is looking for a better life. One day she meets a handsome “agent” from Hong Kong, who is willing to help her out for a small fee. Next thing she knows she’s enslaved in a brothel, drugged out of her mind, selling her body to pay an infinite debt. The drugs involved are no joke and seem to be a common practice in underground brothels. Both the crime circles and clients that pay girls to get doped out of their mind and have sex deserve to rot in hell. It would be peachy if people could only stay away from shady bullshit like that and let freelancers make some honest money.

Escort directories such as Go 141 ( and Miss 148 ( have hundreds of freelance escorts to choose from. I like the first site a bit more: escorts are sorted by colored thumbnails and some profiles even include short videos. If you’re into the upper shelf and want to book the hottest of the hottest escorts in Hong Kong, then escort agencies are the way to go. Check Secret Escort Hong Kong ( or Delight Girls ( for a multi-national selection of 10/10 babes. Escort directories and agencies are often connected to one-room brothels and red-light districts. So, it’s more of an incall kind of a deal, you look a girl up and follow the directions on her profile right towards her tiny apartment.

Many buildings in Hong Kong are filled to the brim with mini bordellos

The best example is the infamous Fuji building, a 20 stories-high skyscraper with dozens of micro-brothels on every floor. They’re legal because the prostitutes rent the apartment out and run their own business. Secretly everyone knows there are pimps and mamasans involved, but no one cares as long as the immigration papers check out.

Wan Chai is considered the main red light district in Hong Kong, but parts of Kowloon (across the river) are also considered a heaven for sexpats. A pack of old Chinese ladies playing chess at a front of a mystery shop on Temple Street could also mean there’s a brothel inside. A yellow neon sign is an old-school token for a sex business as well. A quickie in such an establishment costs around $40, we’re still talking USD.

Wan Chai is the main red light district of Hong Kong

Higher end prostitutes in Hong Kong will charge more, but $200 is considered a decent price for a VIP experience. Then you have the spoiled European princesses that charge whatever they feel like, banking in on that racial hype. Traditional streetwalking isn’t a thing in Hong Kong, but you can find some girls in front of hotels and some bars around Wan Chai. Tiny brothels are still the most common way of getting laid in exchange for money in Hong Kong.

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