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At first glance, one could think that escorting and other forms of prostitution in Beijing are legal because it’s so common wherever you go. But it’s completely illegal. The Chinese authorities see it as a product of capitalism and therefore hate it with a passion. At least that’s what the government officials act like until they get caught red-handed with an underaged prostitute. You know what they say, men will always eat, drink, gamble and ****, you can’t put shackles on human nature. Escorts and other working girls in Beijing are everywhere, from cheap massage parlors to some of the world’s most expensive nightclubs. The scene is a mirror image of the one in Shanghai, albeit a bit shadier.

Chinese prostitute in Beijing brothel paid by client

Brothels and escort agencies in Beijing have often deals with taxi drivers

Taxi drivers will attempt to hook you up with prostitutes. They usually have a deal with brothels and get a cut for every sucker they drop by. They get a cut, you often get a bill inflated by a couple of thousand $ and a black eye if you’re unlucky.

Escorts in Beijing are usually a safe bet. Remember one thing: if an escort has a huge bodyguard, resembling a gorilla, then she’s not an escort but a regular whore with a pimp. Those can cause you some trouble. Beijing Escort (, GFE Beijing Escort ( are examples of solid escort agencies. Those have mostly Asian girls onboard.

Two Chinese escort girls laying on bed in Beijing apartment

Because of their pretty appearance and easy-going attitude Mongolian girls are high in demand in Beijing's escort scene

Mongolian women are gaining in popularity as well. They are usually the girls who are hunting foreigners or the other way around in the night clubs where expats, businessmen and tourists go in Beijing. They are usually more open-minded than the local girls who come from the rural areas in China. And apart from that they are loved for their looks that are sometimes an interesting mix of Asian and Russian features. I’ve seen a sumo documentary about how Mongolian fighters are highly sought after. Coincidence? I don’t think so, there must be a connection. Diva Ladies ( has an impressive choice of western women, who are highly valued in China. Escorts in Beijing are a bit pricy for this part of the world; an hour will cost upwards from $150.

The old red-light districts of Beijing from the times of the Ming Dynasty are long gone. Nowadays there are no official areas like that but streetwalkers are known to roam around the Yansha Bridge and Sanlitun North Street. The girls usually stand in groups of 5 and fiercely compete for clients.

Chinese prostitute walking the streets of Beijing

The street hookers scene in Beijing is very competitive

It can get brutal, especially when the pimps join in. I wouldn’t bother but if you’re some kind of an adrenaline junky then you should now that a blowjob will cost you $30 tops.

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