Erotic masseuses & salons from Athens

Athens erotic massage

All those legal and not so legal brothels have pushed Athens’ erotic massage salons into a corner, or rather into non-existence. There is a very special place in Athens though, if you’re okay with a regular spa treatment. Hammam Baths ( located at Asomaton 17 is a unique place, an oriental bath that offers all kinds of services: massages, saunas, baths, hair removal and - a real treat- an ancient Greek massage!

Man getting sensual face massage in Athens

An ancient Greek massage can be a welcome variation to the usual erotic masssages

It’s a refreshing change from all the Nuru, Thai, Lingam, and other Asian massages you come across on the many menus of most massage salons all over Europe. This massage parlour might not offer you the ultimate erotic experience but it is pretty relaxing; a great way to recharge your batteries before embarking on a night out in this beautiful city.


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