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Ankara striptease and night clubs

There are a few striptease clubs in Ankara, mostly around Bentderesi and Abdülhakhamit streets. Most have a horrible reputation. People getting charged ridiculous prices for drinks they didn’t order, paying girls for company as soon as they sit beside you at your table. It is as if they set off some kind of a digital timer when their asses touch the couch.

Dancer undressing in Ankara striptease club

Most striptease clubs in Ankara club do not excel in customer friendliness

If you really feel like going, just make sure you keep your wits about you. So pay for your drinks as they come and politely tell the girls to fuck off when they start bothering you. Oh, and a little tip from a strip club regular: order your beer in a sealed bottle so you don’t get ruffied.

You could also try your luck and pick up some girls including maybe freelance escorts at regular bars, pubs and clubs in Ankara. Most of them are located around Kizılay; the buzzing centre of nightlife in Ankara.

Girl enjoying her cocktail in bar in Ankara

In the bars and clubs around Kizılay you have good opportunities to mingle with local ladies and meet even freelance working girls in Ankara

Biber Alternatif Café ( on Inkilap Sok. No:3/D, Telwe Performance Hall ( on İnkılap Sok. No: 6/C and Tiyatro BAR ( on İnkilap Cad 5/15 Kızılay are all worth checking out.

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