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I’ve always had a stereotypical image of Russian women in my head. Escorts in Yekaterinburg (or Ekaterinburg) strolling around in fur coats and wearing those Cossack hats, humming “Katyusha”. Like in a scene from a musical, or a naughty Disney movie. That’s actually not that far from reality. There must be thousands of escorts in Yekaterinburg. After all, it is one of the largest cities in Russia. Many might be out of your league since they will not speak English and not be willing to meet foreigners. But nevertheless I dare to say that the sex business is in a pretty good shape here. It might be illegal, but it’s just keeping up the appearances. Girls usually work as online escorts in Yekaterinburg, but brothels are still quite popular. There are even non-profit organizations supporting sex workers, testing for HIV, handing out condoms: that sort of stuff. Street prostitution and pimping are still a thing in Yekaterinburg. Sex is rather cheap, but there’s a high chance of catching something nasty.

Yekaterinburg escort in white lingerie drinking champagne

As eveywhere in Russia you wil come across very beautiful local women in Yekaterinburg, nevertheless a catious approach is strongly recommended due to common practice of fake pictures in escort profiles

If I had to pick one way of hooking up with escorts in Yekaterinburg then I’d go with online directories listing local eskort devushki (escort girls) or in more plain words: prostitutki. Sekas4 (, Belochki ( and Intim Dosug ( are all very good picks. Keep in mind that if something looks too good to be true then it probably is. Heavily photo-shopped or just straight up fake photos are more than common on those online portals. Better safe then sorry, so better use reverse image search tools of Google, Yandex Search or TinEye ( Or invite the girl to show herself in a video call first. But I wouldn’t complain too much anyway, considering prices start below €50 for an hour. Contact Dream Girls ( that has girls available in all major Russian cities if you’d trust an agency over freelancers. Or try the international call girls service Venus Escorts ( if you’re curious about touring escorts visiting Yekaterinburg.

Russian working girl showing off on the streets of Yekaterinburg

In Yekaterinburg street prostitution is all over the place

You’ll see streetwalkers everywhere in Yekaterinburg, particularly on highways outside of the city. You can get serviced for literal pocket change. Just don’t forget that HIV is a huge issue in Russia. Brothels are the typical Russian/Eastern European style. Ask a cab driver and he’ll get you into one of those shady apartments with a selection of girls waiting in rooms. Hotel concierges are also known to have “connections”. Asking for girls at the lobby is one way to go about it. Also you might get lucky in one of Yekaterinburg’s posh nightclubs. Young Russian women are generally quite liberal and open towards foreigners. Especially when you would be capable to speak some Russian it will break the (Siberian) ice.

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