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I can only imagine how flabbergasted foreign students feel when they arrive in Belgium and find out about all the escorts in Leuven (in French: Louvain). Experiencing other cultures is one of the highlights of international student exchange initiatives. Many a girl got involved in escort services in Leuven. Especially when they realize the allowance is not quite enough to support their life abroad. Prostitution is legal in Belgium and is a part of everyday life. Pimping, brothels, and exploitation are both unacceptable. So is human traffic, which is something they’re very serious about here. Everything else is fair game.

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There is a good chance that you will meet a Bulgarian lady when you book an escort in Leuven

The Internet is a great source of escorts in Leuven. There are a huge number of Bulgarian girls providing escort services in Leuven. According to some estimates they cover 70% of the entire local sex business workforce. Other working girls - surprise, surprise - come from Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and other Eastern and Central European countries. Brazilian and other Latin girls are also well represented and visit Leuven and other Belgian cities during a tour to Europe. There are almost too many websites to pick from for such a small country. Takitaki ( and Afspraakjes ( are both great directories. The undisputed market leader in Belgium is Redlights (, comparable with in the Netherlands. It also has a French language version: Quartier-Rouge (, which translates as Red-Light District. But for browsing escorts and others ex workers operating from Leuven you should use the Dutch version Red Lights. There aren’t many agencies active in Leuven, but you can try Vialet ( or Escort Service Vlaanderen ( An hour will cost you €200 on average.

A red light district would feel out of place in a city like Leuven. Streetwalkers would also look odd in a large campus town like this. Brussels is just around the corner, 15 minutes by train and you’re in the middle of a red-light district. You might come across a rare brothel in an apartment, but these never last long.

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