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Believe it or not but escorts in Bern and other Swiss cities are performing a completely legalized profession. Switzerland has very liberal prostitution laws; everything within the realm of common sense is fair game. Forcing people to do something against their will is not within the realm of common sense. The Swiss authorities implemented a law that allows citizens of the EU to work and live in Switzerland for up to 90 days, which resulted in a huge influx of callgirls from all over Europe. Working girls have many options when it comes to running their business: escort agencies, going independent, streetwalking, brothels, laufhauses, and sauna clubs. A huge percentage of girls pick working as an escort in Bern, I suppose that’s the most casual and convenient way to make some extra money.

Two escorts in Bern are getting handcuffed by client during light BDSM game

Agencies have a very strong position on the Swiss escorts market

Escort agencies, which are serving the city of Bern are usually operating from Zürich. These escort agencies are very dominant and visible within the local escort industry and can easily cover all three major cities since the country is relatively small. Belle Donne ( covers the premium part of the market and they have a substantial selection of hot babes to pick from. Prices are out of this world (almost €900 for two hours), but what could you expect from one of the most expensive countries in the world. Divine Escorts ( is a similar, countrywide escorts agency.

Independent girls advertise either on huge directories such as FickBuch ( or XDate (, those escorts are often young students and charge less than their premium colleagues. Some of the girls don’t like to attach themselves to any directories or agencies, and chose to run their own sites, like Adra ( I think it’s so much better than just a few cheesy lines below a lewd picture, as most escorts in Bern often advertise.

Prostitute waiting in fron of her room in Laufhaus in Bern

Bern sports several super-sized bordellos in the form of a Laufhaus

There used to be an official red light district called Matte, but nowadays prostitution is spread all over the city, with a few areas where it’s more apparent. Bundesgasse, Taubenstrasse, and Murtenstrasse are filled to the brim with streetwalkers and bordellos. Regular brothels usually operate in larger apartments with prostitutes sitting in a lobby of sorts, where you can pick one and take her to one of the available rooms, like Vital-Relax ( on Haslerstrasse. A laufhaus is a typical German version of an x large brothel: usually a big building with neon lights advertising erotic services. The girls you cannot see from the outside. For that you will need to enter the building, consisting of multiple staircases and floors where girls rent individual rooms. You can climb the stairs, look around, explore and enter a room if you like what you see. Check Laufhaus Aarbergergasse ( at Aarbergergasse 19 and see how it works.

Bern street hooker in sexy hotpants

Always be on guard when dipping into the street prostitution scene of Bern

Streetwalkers are the cheapest way to get laid in Bern, also the riskiest. Girls that work legally, pay taxes and undergo periodic checkups are a safe bet and will usually charge around €80 for a quickie. Immigrants from Africa charge less if you’re willing to risk catching something nasty, getting mugged and scammed. Skip the pushy ones: if you really desperate you’re better off asking the quiet one with a faint smile.

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